Easy Readers from RRSP

If you are using, or have used, Raising Rock Stars Preschool, I am sure you are familiar with the easy readers included with each unit.  We will be using RRSP again in about a year with Ladybug, so planning is on my mind again!  I have started converting the small printable easy readers into the larger format to be read on iPads and other digital readers! 

My kids have enjoyed the themed easy readers I have made for them, and I really wanted to have the RRSP set available too, when the time comes for Ladybug to read them!  I hope this updated set will help many of you who are using RRSP also.  Even if you aren’t using RRSP, I hope your early readers will enjoy them!

I made a special section on the Easy Readers webpage just for the RRSP Easy Readers.  I am putting them in ABC order, meaning which letter unit the correlate with. {Who Ran Away? goes with unit A, They are Playing goes with unit B, In the Basket goes with unit C, etc.}


Happy Reading!