Home Art Studio ~ Lesson 2


We are reviewing a fabulous home art curriculum, Home Art Studio! We are using the third grade level, so Pac and Krash can participate together.  I am blogging through our art projects to help keep me {the non-art lover} accountable!

For the 2nd project, we used pastels to make analagous pumpkins!  Here is a glimpse into our lesson book, which is printed from a PDF file.  I keep this out on the table as a reference after we watch the DVD together.IMG_6331

I was thrilled to NOT be using paint!IMG_6340

The boys were instructed to have their tertiary color wheels available for reference, as they worked on their project.IMG_6333

Both boys LOVED this project and made more than one pumpkin!IMG_6334




I made a pumpkin also, while working with the boys.  In the end we all decided to glue them together as a collage.  Mine is in the back, Pac’s is on the right and K’s on the left.IMG_6652

PacMan didn’t want to stop and also created another pumpkin, but this time with cool colors!  We all loved how this one turned out!IMG_6648

We all loved this lesson and are looking forward to lesson number 3!

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