Home Art Studio ~ Lesson 1


When Lindsey Volin contacted me about reviewing her new home art curriculum, I was thrilled.  I do not do many reviews on my blog anymore but this particular subject is one I was researching at the time she emailed me!  I was thrilled and said YES!  She helped me decide on the third grade level, so Pac and Krash could participate together.  The projects are a bit above Krash’s level, but good for Pac who hasn’t done any art like this yet.


The lessons are in DVD format, and also PDF format for you to print out.  I printed out all of the lessons and made a Home Art Studio notebook to refer to during our lessons.  I plan to share each project with you as we progress, partly to share and partly to keep myself accountable!  I am HORRIBLE with art, by committing to share, I force myself to actually follow through with the program!  I will also do a formal review post after we are about midway through with my thoughts on the program as a whole.  For now, enjoy a peek into art in our home!

The first lesson was to create a tertiary color wheel, which the boys loved.IMG_6075

I did not love this lesson only because of the OH SO MUCH PAINT involved.  Anxiety to the max for me—but we got through without any major blow ups!IMG_6080

I gave Krash the option to participate and he wanted to.  I couldn’t believe how well he did!IMG_6079

After day one, the boys had completed the wheels and were VERY happy!IMG_6088


A few days later, after the wheels were dry,  they painted in their black lines,IMG_6232

and then we cut the wheels out.  IMG_6233

Fun, simple, messy, and wonderful all at the same time!  The DVD portion is quick and the boys watched it prior to doing the project.  While working, we used the printable lesson and I guided them. I love that we have both!

Stay tuned for lesson # 2, no paint involved {happier mommy who strongly dislikes paint}! 

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