Summer Challenge 2012

It’s that time again!  Time to give the kids something productive to do, so they don’t drive me nuts with their boredom!

Summer Challenge

We have been doing the Summer Challenge for years and it has really helped us!  I adapt the challenge each year for the current ages/stages of my boys, here I will share this year’s version!

The forms are the same as they were last year, I just updated the cards outlining what the boys can choose to earn points, and I also added in a couple of new checklists for the boys to fill out.


Keeping Track…

Each boy has a graph, these hang up on our dry erase board this year. I keep a pencil and a highlighter nearby for recording points, they are in the little silver things {from Ikea}.

Summer Challenge Set Up

To record points, I write in the box what the point was earned for {so we don’t forget if it was marked} and color with a highlighter.  Krash is blue, Pac is green. I offer these for you to download, and there are 2 forms for girls too {link is at the bottom of post}!

Summer Challenge Graphs  


Let’s Earn Some Points!

Each boy also has a set of cards, they can flip through to choose point earning tasks.  These cards include the following…

Summer Challenge Krash 

Summer Challenge Pac

Their cards are printed on cardstock, laminated, cut apart, and hung up using a metal ring.

For extra schoolwork, PacMan is using the Summer Bridge workbook for 4th-5th grade.

Once his 5th Grade box from Calvert arrives, and I have time to plan out his first 20 lessons, he will also have the option to get a jump start on school work.   Krash has already begun his 1st grade curriculum, so he can get points for any schoolwork he completes.  I am probably going to get him a review workbook too, for more independence, since he needs to work with me for much of his 1st grade work.


Contribution Checklists

This year I also added in morning/evening contribution checklists.  If the boys check these off, and turn them into a parent BEFORE doing anything “fun” {tv, video games, playing, etc.}  they get a point. In the evening, they have to put it on my desk before going to bed.  The kicker is filling the sheet out and remembering to turn it in.  This is SO difficult for them to remember, but we do it to help them learn responsibility.Summer Challenge Krash Checklist

I do not offer a printable to download for these, but you could make your own using the table feature in Word or another program.  I use Publisher and PowerPoint to work in to make most of my printables. Summer Challenge Pac Checklist


What About the Prizes?

Daddy and I are still editing the prize list, I just didn’t want to wait to post this, since school is out or getting out soon for most of you!  You can see the prize sheets from last year, we are just adjusting based on each boy’s interests. I provide blank prize sheets in the printable set, you can write your info in, or use the idea to create your own!


~>~>~> Download Summer Challenge Printables Here <~<~<~


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