Calvert 1st Grade Printables

Krash is using Calvert 1st grade, and it is still the same as when PacMan used it!  I remember thinking during Pac’s year how much a few things would have helped me.  I am working now to create those things and will be sharing them here as I get them done for any of you who are using or will be using Calvert First Grade!  If you aren’t using Calvert, these posts won’t be of much interest to you, sorry!

First up, Lesson Planning Printables!

1st Grade Lesson Planning Sheet

The manual is wonderful, but large!  I find it easier to have the basics on one page for each week.  I listed the main subject areas on the left, in no particular order.  I also included a blank page in case you’d like to list yours differently!

I use a pencil to write on these, then put them in a binder for the year.  We also use their ATS assessment service, so I file the assessments in groups also.  That way everything is in one notebook all year long. I do it the same way with PacMan too, he will be in 5th grade this year.

>~> Download Calvert 1st Grade Lesson Planning Printables Here <~<

I have these lesson plans available for 3rd Grade Calvert here.

More Calvert 1st Grade Printables coming soon!  See our curriculum post here.  I will be updating our curriculum post for the 012-2013 school year soon!