We Love Photography Camp

You may remember our giveaway for JessicaSprague.com’s Photography Summer Camp for Kids.  PacMan has been enrolled in the current June session and is LOVING it.  Their next session starts in just a few days {July 9}, and I am here to tell you –  if your child has any interest in photography ~ SIGN UP!!!!  It is amazing!

I was actually quite skeptical, since I am a former children’s photographer myself, I wasn’t sure what to expect or what I would think.  The teacher- Candice Stringham, did a fabulous job and is explaining things in such an easy to understand way!  I am VERY impressed!

We are not completing the lessons “live” but I have downloaded and printed them off for PacMan so he can work at his own pace throughout the summer. 

Summer Photo Camp Notebook

Pac is using his own camera for most of it {he has an older Canon Powershot}, and I am allowing him to use my camera {Canon 40D} sometimes.  He is reading the lessons on his own and then going through his photos to choose the final images for his assignment.  I am then downloading them into a special folder for him.  Here are 2 of his assignments.

“How to Hold a Camera” ~ making sure the horizon line isn’t crooked.

Assignment 1.1  (1 of 2)     Assignment 1.1  (2 of 2)

“Vertical or Horizontal?”

Assignment 1.2  (1 of 2)     Assignment 1.2  (2 of 2)

Other topics include:

  • Camera Modes
  • Filling the Frame
  • Focusing
  • Points of View
  • Macro
  • Framing
  • Directions of Light, and MORE! 
  • Each week there is also a vocabulary lesson, and also a fun photo scavenger hunt!

A few things to note…

  • You do NOT have to participate in the class live.  You can sign up, and view {or print} the lessons ANY time!  You can also come back to the videos anytime.  This is nice, because many of us are traveling right now.  You can even purchase the course and save it for school in the fall! I have ours all printed out in our binder to work through at our own pace together.
  • This class is definitely for the confident reader, Pac is 10 and it is just right for him.  I would even recommend this class for adults who want to learn some photography skills!
  • The quality of the videos ~ AMAZING!  We haven’t even watched them all yet, but they are very well done and packed with knowledge.

I highly recommend this course and am so thankful I had the chance to review it and share with you.  It is amazing to have a resource like this for our budding photographers!

Sign up for the July session here!  It’s only $36 for the first child, and you can add siblings for just $10 each!