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Ahh Bean Bag Chairs

AHH Bean Bag Chairs {Ahh Products} have been a part of our life for a few years now!  I wrote a bean bag chair review back in 2010, when we were first introduced! We currently own 3 bean bag chairs, and they are each used daily.  If you follow my blog, you see them in tons of homeschooling pictures!  Be sure to read my full review here, if you are looking for even more details, this review is an update now that we have owned them for a couple of years.

Bean Bag Chair

Because my children use these beanbags not only as places to snuggle and sit, but also as jumping pads, they have had to be refilled. Jade from AHH Products has really helped me understand this and why jumping on them will flatten them out and just sitting will leave them feeling fuller.  Bean Bag Chair

So, I will say, if you have kids who you think will use these for fun, you should expect to refill them in the future.  Jade assured me that when they are used for sitting only, the air in the Styrofoam pellets doesn’t compress and flatten out as much.

Bean Bag Chair

Jade told me her daughter has a 37” bean bag and has had it for 5 years and it has never been refilled, but she only uses it for sitting!  My kids most certainly use ours for active play.  For us, this is great, and the refill is worth it.  They are pieces of furniture for us, but also are durable enough to withstand the craziness of our kids.

Bean Bag Chair

Also, I must share that 2 of our bean bags have been urinated on by our cat, and you would never know.  The covers slipped right off and the waterproof liner protected it as it said it would.  The cuddle fabric we have washed up beautifully and still looks brand new.

Bean Bag Chair

Some specific info on the bean bags from ~

  • Cover, Liner, and Filling: nothing else to buy
  • Zip-off, machine-washable cover
  • Covers made of high quality fabrics, including "true" 14 ounce denims
  • Water-repel, stain-resist liner made of extremely strong microfiber that holds the filling
  • Refillable liners have child-resistant self-locking zippers
  • Double-stitched seams on covers and liners, will not break
  • Hidden seams for finished look preferred by professional decorators
  • Made in Virginia, USA
  • 10 year warranty, will last years beyond that
  • Exceeds U.S. flammability standards
  • Choice of regular or virgin bead Styrofoam filling for what you expect a bean bag to feel like
  • $25 refill discount for AHH bean bag owners only
  • 365-day no-hassle return policy
  • Shipping included

Candy Construction Building Set #giveaway


We have a fun giveaway for you today, for the super cool Candy Construction Building Set from Learning Resources!

Homeschool Learning Resources Candy Construction Building Set-8302


Ladybug’s thoughts… my girl LOVED these!  They are a bit hard for her to build with, but that didn’t hinder her ability to have fun.  She handed me the book and asked me to build things for her!

Homeschool Learning Resources Candy Construction Building Set-8284

I made the swing, the merry-go round, and the house.

Homeschool Learning Resources Candy Construction Building Set-8282  Homeschool Learning Resources Candy Construction Building Set-8278

Homeschool Learning Resources Candy Construction Building Set-8294

She loved helping me and playing with them once they were built.  When we took the merry-go round apart, she showed me these and told me she “had 2 – one big and one wittle.”

Homeschool Learning Resources Candy Construction Building Set-8286

She spontaneously made a fire to roast a marshmallow, on the right she was blowing her marshmallow, she got it a bit too hot I suppose!

Homeschool Learning Resources Candy Construction Building Set-8296  Homeschool Learning Resources Candy Construction Building Set-8297

As for the boys, they were VERY excited when they saw this, they knew this wasn’t just a “sister” thing!  I had it out the first day with just Ladybug while they were at VBS, when they got home, it drew them in immediately and for hours!   They have both taken the bin out on several occasions since then also.  I can tell, they are very impressed!Homeschool Learning Resources Candy Construction Building Set-8322

Homeschool Learning Resources Candy Construction Building Set -8526

Homeschool Learning Resources Candy Construction Building Set -8539

This building set now has a home in our schoolroom toy storage area, with a brand new bin!  This is where we keep the most played with learning toys.  Homeschool Learning Resources Candy Construction Building Set -8533

My thoughts…this is a very high quality and unique building set.  I LOVE the colors, the variety, and amount of supplies included {92 pieces}.  The pieces go together nicely, they fit well, and stay in place.  They were a tad bit difficult for Ladybug, but I think most 3-4 year olds could build with them.  Krash is 6 and he loved them, Pac is 10 and he loved them too!  I love open ended and creative toys, and these totally fit the bill!   You can purchase these on Amazon here, and also directly on the Learning Resources website.

If you win or you decide to purchase this set, the Candy Preschool Pack would be an awesome addition!Candy Preschool Pack


Wanna win a set of your own?


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Giveaway is open for US only and ends 7/31/12.

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We Love Photography Camp

You may remember our giveaway for’s Photography Summer Camp for Kids.  PacMan has been enrolled in the current June session and is LOVING it.  Their next session starts in just a few days {July 9}, and I am here to tell you –  if your child has any interest in photography ~ SIGN UP!!!!  It is amazing!

I was actually quite skeptical, since I am a former children’s photographer myself, I wasn’t sure what to expect or what I would think.  The teacher- Candice Stringham, did a fabulous job and is explaining things in such an easy to understand way!  I am VERY impressed!

We are not completing the lessons “live” but I have downloaded and printed them off for PacMan so he can work at his own pace throughout the summer. 

Summer Photo Camp Notebook

Pac is using his own camera for most of it {he has an older Canon Powershot}, and I am allowing him to use my camera {Canon 40D} sometimes.  He is reading the lessons on his own and then going through his photos to choose the final images for his assignment.  I am then downloading them into a special folder for him.  Here are 2 of his assignments.

“How to Hold a Camera” ~ making sure the horizon line isn’t crooked.

Assignment 1.1  (1 of 2)     Assignment 1.1  (2 of 2)

“Vertical or Horizontal?”

Assignment 1.2  (1 of 2)     Assignment 1.2  (2 of 2)

Other topics include:

  • Camera Modes
  • Filling the Frame
  • Focusing
  • Points of View
  • Macro
  • Framing
  • Directions of Light, and MORE! 
  • Each week there is also a vocabulary lesson, and also a fun photo scavenger hunt!

A few things to note…

  • You do NOT have to participate in the class live.  You can sign up, and view {or print} the lessons ANY time!  You can also come back to the videos anytime.  This is nice, because many of us are traveling right now.  You can even purchase the course and save it for school in the fall! I have ours all printed out in our binder to work through at our own pace together.
  • This class is definitely for the confident reader, Pac is 10 and it is just right for him.  I would even recommend this class for adults who want to learn some photography skills!
  • The quality of the videos ~ AMAZING!  We haven’t even watched them all yet, but they are very well done and packed with knowledge.

I highly recommend this course and am so thankful I had the chance to review it and share with you.  It is amazing to have a resource like this for our budding photographers!

Sign up for the July session here!  It’s only $36 for the first child, and you can add siblings for just $10 each!