Curriculum Additions {and subtractions}

Before I type up our big curriculum 2012-2013 post, I thought I would highlight the main additions and subtractions.  We are adding a few things and there are a few things I am letting go, for now.

What I am letting go…

I am letting our Daily Calendar Notebooks go, for now.  It isn’t something that they kids “need” right now and there are other things I am wanting to fill that time with.  They certainly may come back, but I am starting the year off with just a basic calendar time, focusing on our monthly Calendar Connections theme, some basic calendar activities mostly for Ladybug.  Nothing fancy.

Calvert 5th Grade comes with an optional Art History class, and we have opted to not do that one.  Based on what we are adding down below, I felt it was best to not overload the kid with something he doesn’t have an interest in right now.

Other things to be let go are to be determined, I have a few things in mind, but gotta test out the new routine before I make any concrete decisions.


What are we adding?

For PacMan

PacMan, age 10, will be using Calvert 5th grade as his base, with the following additions {most are once a week}.

Who is God?

Who is God

I bought the textbook and the notebooking journal when I was at the 2:1 Conference last spring.  Pac and I have done 2 lessons together and are both enjoying this.  In a nutshell, this is a Christian Worldview Curriculum.  You can read more about it on Apologia’s website, and down the road I will certainly share more of our thoughts!

Home Art Studio {3rd grade DVD}

slide2 We did a few lessons to preview last year, and loved them.  It will be a part of this year thanks to our preview! Krash also has the option to join us and has chosen to!  You can see all of our past and upcoming Home Art Studio posts here!

Christian Heroes Series  Christian Heroes

I found these books late last year and he read Jim Elliott over the summer, and has already started Nate Saint {by his request, he loves them}!  I hope to read these with him throughout the year, mostly to inspire conversation between us. These books are published by YWAM and you can buy them directly from their site too!YWAM


For Krash

Krash, age 6, is using Calvert 1st grade as his base and continuing with All About Reading Level 1, with the following additions.

All About Spelling Level 1All About Spelling 1

When Pac used Calvert 1st grade he did not do well with their spelling program.  I ended up buying AAS to try to back track with him, and it worked.  We did levels 1 and 2 together and he was good to go.  We are now back to using the Calvert spelling, as he has become a better speller.  I still think AAS is better, I just didn’t have time to do both with him.  For Krash, I am supplementing with AAS from the beginning, to be sure he doesn’t fall behind the way Pac did.  We will do Calvert’s spelling stuff too, but our main focus will be AAS.

Draw, Write, Now

Draw Write Now

We have had Draw, Write, Now since Pac was younger!  Pac still enjoys drawing with these books, they are incredible.  I will use them with Krash this year, to work on basic drawing and also handwriting!  Be sure to check Amazon and the Barker Creek site before ordering to see where to get the best deal on the set!

For All Kids

{mostly the boys}

Sticker USA Activity Book

StickerUSA Activity Book picture

We were sent this package to review and I was thrilled when I opened it!  It is a book with all of the printables, AND a cd so you can print as many copies as you need!  In the book are also flashcards and stickers to use on the pages.  If you run out of stickers and need more than one set, they give you the stickers in clipart format on the CD too!

Continent Boxes

Continent Boxes

You have already seen our Europe Continent box,  I am looking forward to focusing on one continent per month this year!

Stay tuned for our complete 2012-2013 Curriculum Choices post later this month.  Check out other homeschooling moms and their curriculum choices!


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