Continent Boxes ~ Europe

Continent Box Europe

I have had “create continent boxes” on my to-do list for over a year!  Finally I am getting started!  I started with Europe since the Olympics are in London, and since our next Little Passports country is France! You always get some little things with each Little Passports month, which I will add to the continent box!  These are works in progress, I even have a wishlist of books and things I want to add to this and other boxes!  We will use these boxes for years and years!

I have no real plan with these, just a fun way to expose my kids to cultures, countries, and world geography in general.  Here’s a post from one of my favorite blogs all about continent boxes.

For now, I have our Europe set up like this {see photo below}.  I have a large foam floor puzzle and I pulled out just the Europe part, I also have a large puzzle of Europe, and the board of Europe from Where in the World {I added the cards into the box}.  Our Little Passports map hangs on the wall close by too!

Continent Box Europe


I bought my boxes from Walmart, in 2 different sizes {small 6.7qt, large 12.7qt} knowing I would need bigger ones for continents with more stuff! I made simple labels that color-coordinate with Montessori geography colors. This box is the smaller of the 2 sizes I bought.  Eventually I may have to upgrade to all large, but for now this one works!Continent Box Europe


What’s Inside?

Continent Box Europe


MANY materials from Montessori Print Shop!  Thankfully I was given their bundle to review last year, I have had many of the country printables printed for many, many months, just now getting around to cutting and laminating!  Specifically I am using the Europe Geography Folder {I made ours as a book in sheet protectors}, European Animals, European Landmarks, & European Instruments. Be sure to read to the end for a giveaway!

Europe Printables Europe Printables

For the 3 part cards, I decided to save laminating and cutting time and mounted mine in file folders.  I laminated the matching images and words so the kids can just lay them on top of the file folder.  I used tape for this one, but it’s ugly, so I might do something different with my next country.  I just know my kids won’t use these tons, so I didn’t want to waste lots of time cutting and laminating!Europe Printables


I searched online to find a map that was colorful and labeled, to print and laminate for the box, my favorite ended up being this one.  On the back side, I added an alphabetical listing of all of the countries in Europe {I created this and you can download the PDF file in the Europe section on my new Continent Boxes webpage}.

Europe Map Europe Printables

There is a blank alphabetical European countries printable, as a little challenge for PacMan and me!  I also found a blank map that we can color in together, it is from here.  I copied it and added my own text in Publisher {I can’t share since the map is not mine}

Europe Printables

Continent Kids Coloring for Europe {free download on the Continent Boxes webpage}…Homeschool Europe Continent Box-8432

Here you can see us exploring together, there’s no real plan.  The kids can explore the box on their own, and I also am taking time to explore together.  Homeschool Europe Continent Box-8435

You can download printables and see more on our Continent Boxes webpage!Continent Boxes


Target Dollar Spot Geography Supplies {get ‘em when you can!}IMG_8257

World Facts & Landmarks Flashcards {Rand McNally}World Landmark Cards

Where in the WorldWhere in the World

Geography Units Europe {Evan Moor eBook}

Geography Units, Europe

Geo Puzzle ~ EuropeEurope Puzzle

GeoDiceGeoDice Game


Explore Europe  Europe A True Book Europe rookie Reader


Obviously apps aren’t for the box, but more for extending the learning outside of the box!  Here’s our favorite European geography app!  They have a lite version too.image

Sheppard Software is our favorite for geography fun online.   Here’s the Europe sectionimage

Here’s another fun Europe game onlineimage

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