Another New Addition

We are officially crazy.  We went out to get shoes and came home with a puppy.  Yup, we live crazy like that.  Meet our new baby…

New Puppy-2580

After our doggie passed away about 6 months ago, we knew we would eventually get another dog, but had planned to wait a couple of years. 

New Puppy-2625

Well, plans changed.

New Puppy-2642

Honestly, plans changed because of the kids.  Especially my big kid.  He wanted another dog SO badly.  Waiting 2 more years began to seem silly.  All of the reasons we were waiting would still be there in 2 years {puppy raising/training stuff mostly}.

New Puppy-2656

So this sweet girly is now ours.  She is a long haired Dachshund, the kind we had always dreamed of getting.  Her ears feel exactly the way I always imagined.  She doesn’t have a name, but the most recent vote was Sweenie, short for “Super Weenie".  I am also gathering suggestions here on my Facebook page, I love hearing all of the great ideas! 

New Puppy-2674

Sunday is usually my homeschool planning day {which thankfully I had gotten done on Sat night} and blog post scheduling day and instead it was get-a-puppy-day.  My whole life is gonna be a bit off {just what I needed, I truly am nuts} for a bit, having a new puppy is a lot of work.  Life will settle though, and when I snuggle those silky ears and look into those sweet eyes, it will all be worth it!