Simple But Needed

A new homeschool morning routine. Simple but needed.

Homeschool Morning Routine

When we began homeschooling over 12 years ago, a morning routine was something we always had. Sure, it evolved from time to time, but it was always there. One constant in our morning routine was family Bible time, led by Daddy. We were fortunate to have Daddy home in the mornings at first due to our flexible missionary lifestyle {he worked mostly in the evenings} and then due to his schedule while he was in grad school for the past 3 years. He has always led us in reading the Bible together as a family, and although it was something that wasn’t always totally lovely, it was something I always cherished. 

Once his internships began and he was gone early in the mornings, I lost all sense of a morning routine. Honestly, I was a bit flustered. You see, I am NOT a morning person and I was in a {large} bit of denial that I needed to be. I managed to flounder around for over a year and as we approached this current schoolyear, I decided it was time for a simple but NEEDED change.

One thing I knew about myself is that I tend to overdo things and then the overly high expectation of myself causes me to just give up when I fail. Knowing this, I was determined to decide on a routine that I could stick with, one that I would actually enjoy, and not dread.

As I made my decisions, I factored in a few things that I wanted to changed and gave thought to how I could combine and conquer. I wanted to eat healthier and wanted my kids to have a heartier {healthier} breakfast. I wanted time to talk. I wanted time to read. But I didn’t want to read so much that I couldn’t eat too. How to combine these ideas became my goal. Keep it simple <—that was also my BIG goal.

Since our chickens began laying eggs, I have been eating eggs for breakfast every morning, along with an avocado, and some awesome chicken sausage {from Aldi – the Never Any brand – so wonderful}. If I was already cooking for myself, why not cook for them too. I know this sounds like a DUH moment to many mommas, but another thing you must know about me – I do NOT cook. The fact that I was cooking eggs for myself was a miracle itself.

So, all that thinking led to what we now have – a simple morning routine for our homeschool days, one that we needed desperately.

Homeschool Morning Routine (1 of 1)

I cook breakfast, making sure that the foods I am offering are ones I know my two picky eaters enjoy {keeping the conflict low – one of my other goals}. We have scrambled eggs, avocado, sausage, and fruit. With these two particular kids, keeping the menu relatively similar each day is helpful too. They are huge complainers when it comes to foods they dislike, and this causes me stress. So, I made my food choices wisely.

I had a few different ‘reading"’ ideas in mind and then one night it hit me – I already owned the perfect book. Indescribable by Louie Giglio was perfect for my goals. I wanted something that could work for both of my kids {ages 9 and 12 currently} and be simple enough to discuss over breakfast. This book has been great!

We are now on our third official week of homeschool and we have all grown to love this routine. I am so thankful for my time with my kids – even if it does mean more dishes to wash every morning.

Another New Addition

We are officially crazy.  We went out to get shoes and came home with a puppy.  Yup, we live crazy like that.  Meet our new baby…

New Puppy-2580

After our doggie passed away about 6 months ago, we knew we would eventually get another dog, but had planned to wait a couple of years. 

New Puppy-2625

Well, plans changed.

New Puppy-2642

Honestly, plans changed because of the kids.  Especially my big kid.  He wanted another dog SO badly.  Waiting 2 more years began to seem silly.  All of the reasons we were waiting would still be there in 2 years {puppy raising/training stuff mostly}.

New Puppy-2656

So this sweet girly is now ours.  She is a long haired Dachshund, the kind we had always dreamed of getting.  Her ears feel exactly the way I always imagined.  She doesn’t have a name, but the most recent vote was Sweenie, short for “Super Weenie".  I am also gathering suggestions here on my Facebook page, I love hearing all of the great ideas! 

New Puppy-2674

Sunday is usually my homeschool planning day {which thankfully I had gotten done on Sat night} and blog post scheduling day and instead it was get-a-puppy-day.  My whole life is gonna be a bit off {just what I needed, I truly am nuts} for a bit, having a new puppy is a lot of work.  Life will settle though, and when I snuggle those silky ears and look into those sweet eyes, it will all be worth it!