She Came Alive…a post from my husband

So, I head to the Allume Conference tomorrow, this will be my 3rd year attending, my first year as a speaker!  My sweet husband graciously supports me in this and always has, I could never do this without him.  When I saw that one of the husbands of us gals attending Allume will win an iPad, I mentioned it to him and laughed thinking there was no way he would want to “hack my blog” and write a post.  To my great surprise, he did.  He has NO clue how to write on my blog, so of course I have to post it for him, as the tears of gratitude fall.  I do not deserve this man and the amazing support he gives me.

From the mouth of my man…image

The blogging community I believe was made for my wife Carisa. When I met her she was a kindergarten teacher and while we were dating I remember just hanging out with her as she created and prepared for how she was going teach and challenge the students that God had given to her.

Little did we know that five years later we would be in a missionary role at an inner city church, with our own kids pursuing the adventure of homeschooling. I particularly was fearful of it but knew without a shadow of a doubt that she would be amazing. My wife is this amazing creative person and the first little while of homeschooling, though she loved it, I saw some wear.  With our life schedule, she was at home all the time with very little interaction with the outside world.  The moment blogging came into the picture she came alive again.  It seemed to give her the interaction with other moms in similar situations and she was no longer alone with the task of this very important role that God had put her in.  This opened up the floodgates of her creative juices. Carisa has always been one who will find a way to get this out whether it’s through photography, children’s church programs, or organizational ideas.  The blogging world was her niche!  It has been so incredibly beneficial for her, my kids and for myself.  I have spent hours of hearing all about new ideas and friends she has heard and met, which I so gladly love to hear about, ha ha.  Seriously though I don’t mind hearing about it because she has made this a ministry and I have heard so many ways that other moms have ministered to her. 

When she started going to conferences I was in huge support.  It got her out of her fuzzy Mickey Mouse pants, that she loves so dearly and gave her a chance to get dressed and be out with other moms having fun but most of all being spiritually fed. She comes home seeming refreshed ready to tackle the daunting task of being a homeschool mom.

I am honored to be married to such a woman who not only takes this on, but does it with excellence.  If anyone else is reading this I applaud you for taking on the role of wives, moms, and teachers. Thank you for being committed in this and for pursuing the Lord in guidance as He leads you through. As for my wife, I am so thankful for you and all that you do for our kids, for me and for our Lord.  I am truly a blessed man.

So, as I am wiping my tears away as I am posting this, he walks in and says, “you know, I started writing it for the contest, but my words are not about winning an iPad, they are words I needed to say.”

God is Good.  I am a blessed woman.