Home Art Studio ~ Rollercoasters


We are reviewing a fabulous home art curriculum, Home Art Studio! We were using just the third grade level, but recently got the 1st grade kit to review also. I am blogging through our art projects to help keep me {the non-art lover} accountable, and also so I can prove to my kids that we DID do art!

Our latest project was Rollercoasters, which again I was excited about, since it seemed pretty simple and fun. This is the first project on the 1st grade DVD.  We watched the DVD before beginning, and then referred to the printed lesson plan while working. On the DVD they enjoyed seeing real rollercoasters!

This was another project I knew Ladybug could participate in.  I cut out her strips and she drew the black lines on and told me where to glue stuff.  I helped her a lot, but she loved every moment of the project and the end result!Home Art Studio Rollercoasters-3619

Krash was extremely into this one, he LOVED it!Home Art Studio Rollercoasters-3643

He worked long after the other two, making many track pieces on his own and working hard to construct his coaster.  I didn’t help him one bit with it!Home Art Studio Rollercoasters-3649

Naming the coasters was a part of the project too, Krash chose “King Coaster” for his.Home Art Studio Rollercoasters-3658

Pac loves art, so he jumped at the chance to join us and completed his coaster on his own too.Home Art Studio Rollercoasters-3652

The completed coasters with the happy bunch {happy because they love doing art projects}!Home Art Studio Rollercoasters-3659

Since I know these won’t keep forever, I took a picture of each one for the kids, this is Ladybug’s, “Bat Coaster.”Home Art Studio Rollercoasters-3665

Krash’s “King Coaster,” I love how he connected all of his pieces so thoughtfully!Home Art Studio Rollercoasters-3667

Finally, PacMan’s “Stealth Raptor.”Home Art Studio Rollercoasters-3670

Yay!  No paint again!  I am going to lose it when paint comes back into the art project time!

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