Weekly Wrap-Up


We continue to use our morning board {see full board here}, We are using the Botany Calendar Connections set this month, which came to an end and we all really learned {and reviewed} a lot! Ladybug mainly perfected her counting skills!Botany Calendar Connections -3600

Having the eBook version is helpful so all 3 kids could look at the picture as I read the fact to them.Botany Calendar Connections -3597

ABC movement cards continue to be a favorite, letter Oo is for “jumping over a pillow” which was a big hit!



We are up to DVD 4 with What’s in the Bible {see links and how we are using these DVDs here}.  They especially love it when we have communal lunch as we watch together. Homeschool-3517

The kids really enjoyed our Home Art Studio lesson, which was rollercoasters!Home Art Studio Rollercoasters-3659


I don’t have a photo of us, but we began reading Christian Heroes: George Muller outloud this week.  All 3 kids sat with me this time, and Krash and PacMan really enjoyed it!George Muller


Here he was working on his 1st Grade Calvert Sight Words, and graciously posing for me.1st Grade Homeschool-3611

Along with All About Spelling 1 we also do the spelling lists provided with Calvert, mostly as a review.  He is breezing through the words, and really enjoys practicing his words on the iPad {Word Wizard is the app we use}  before we take the weekly test Homeschool-3527

He is a few stories into his 2nd reader with Calvert and is doing well.  I love snuggling with him while he reads his stories to me!

A BIG favorite right now is his First in Math computer game.  He gets access to this through our cyber school, and it is amazing!  He loves the competition and challenge so he learns math skills beyond his grade level and flies through 1st grade math!Homeschool-3702


So, there aren’t usually a lot of pictures of my dear sweet PacMan, he gets all goofy when I try to snap a picture of him!Homeschool-3695


I love this goofy kid.  We are enjoying 5th grade learning together, his favorite is science and mine is history.   We read those together, snuggled up in a bean bag most of the time.

That’s certainly not everything we did, but a glimpse of what my camera captured! To see more weekly wrap-ups, visit…

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