Weekly Wrap-Up


It’s been a week of sitting back and really taking notice of the season of life we are in.  We are growing out of the toddler phase and more into the preschooler phase with Ladybug, and the boys are way more used to this “school thing” nowadays. I used to find myself isolating 2 kids to focus on 1, but the need for that is slowly disappearing.  It still helps a lot, mostly when I need to sit and read science or history with Pac, but the need for separation is less.  My view these days often looks like this…


Ladybug loves to be right in the action, and will often ask to sit with me at my desk while I work with the boys.  We often spend her Tot School time on the floor playing with her in the morning, but she will request to join in throughout the day too.  I always have something ready for her to do.

Homeschool -4312

Thankfully the boys are used to her drama, and her many potty breaks, they have learned to go with the flow of homeschooling. If she has a fit, or screams because she has to go POTTY,  we just pause for a break, and get right back to our work.  I am the one struggling with the frustration of the interruptions these days, but I too am getting better.


Krash is really moving along with his spelling and reading.  He is mastering all of his weekly Calvert spelling tests.  We always practice his words on the iPad with the Word Wizard app before his test.Homeschool-4266

The sight word printables I made for his Calvert sight words are really helping him.  After working with them in 3 different ways, seeing them throughout the Calvert stories he reads during the week, plus on his reading work pages, he has mastered almost all of the new words with ease!Homeschool -4112

Homeschool -4113

He is flying through math also, and plays several of our favorite math apps to keep his math facts sharp in his mind.  Our favorite math facts apps are Math BINGO {below}, Math Drills, and Operation Math.Homeschool -4265


We are moving along in 5th grade, and I even snapped a picture of the biggest boy this week!  This is a great one because I caught his desk CLEAN, something he struggles with! Every now and then I have to get him to do a clean sweep of the desk and get it back in order.  He always loves it after he does this {so do I}. 


That’s certainly not everything we did, but a glimpse of what my camera captured! To see more weekly wrap-ups, visit…