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I pulled out our Thanksgiving stuff for Tot School this week, which is always a hit with the kids.  We have had the Little People Mayflower ship and the Thanksgiving dinner set for years.  All 3 kids still love playing with these when I bring them out in November each year!

Thanksgiving Theme Tot School-4075

I tried something new this week, to “attract” Ladybug to some of the activities that sometimes get overlooked.  I added little 3M hooks and a metal ring to a few items and hung them up. This worked and she seemed to like the display.

Thanksgiving Theme Tot School-4076   Thanksgiving Theme Tot School-4079

She also had a basket filled with our Thanksgiving books, which we read from all week.Thanksgiving Theme Tot School-4081

She is a big book fan, and will often be found like this…Thanksgiving Theme Tot School -4302

{All Thanksgiving printables in her notebook, and on her trays are pinned to my  Thanksgiving  theme pinterest board!}

In addition to her trays/shelves, I also had an activity notebook ready for her, filled with Thanksgiving printables she might enjoy. Here she was tracing a turkeyThanksgiving Theme Tot School-4101

She loves the little counting books, this one was from this pack.Thanksgiving Theme Tot School -4316

I added in the pages with numbers 11-20 to see how she would do and she enjoyed the challenge!  We counted these together, since she still gets tripped up going from 13 to 14, often leaving one out. I wrote little numbers on each picture as we counted together before she dot painted the answer.Thanksgiving Theme Tot School -4322

She enjoyed singing her ABCs and working her way through the letter path with the dot paintThanksgiving Theme Tot School -4328

Color by number turkeyHomeschool-4292

She decorated her supply caddy this week.  She’s super proud of it now!Homeschool-4290

I love these math games, and used the easiest one with Ladybug.  My mom sent up these neat magnets from Staples recently and we used them as markers.  She rolled the die and marked the correct number until we found them all!Thanksgiving Theme Tot School-4083

We read I Know an Old Lady Who Swallowed a Pie and sequenced the story all together on our cookie sheet, using these printables {laminated with magnets attached}. Thanksgiving Theme Tot School-4092

They colored each item as it came in the story…Thanksgiving Theme Tot School-4088

Thanksgiving Theme Tot School-4094

She traced a few cards, but wasn’t too interested in tracing this week.Thanksgiving Theme Tot School-4109

She LOVED the Turkey Feathers song.  We must have done this activity at least 3 times each day.Thanksgiving Theme Tot School-4260

Loading up the Mayflower and simply playing was the main part of her school time.  Funny how my blog makes it seem like she sits at a table all day long, when in reality she spends 99% of her time just playing.  Her table school time is only at her request and usually only about 30 minutes per day, unless she wants more!Thanksgiving Theme Tot School-4086

Reading is one of her very favorite activities, and her AlphaTales books are a frequent choice, she loves these books!  Once we add a letter {when we do a new Animal ABC unit} I add it to our big stack.  Now that we are almost done, she has a lot to choose from!  We will be using these again with RRSP when we begin in January!Homeschool-4299

The cat likes to read too, and will often catch her off guard!  Ladybug is moody about the cat, sometimes she loves the attention, and other times Stella invades her personal space and Ladybug lets her know.

Thanksgiving Theme Tot School -4309 Thanksgiving Theme Tot School -4304


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