The Mitten Printables

The Mitten Printables

Last year I created some printables based on the book, The Mitten.  You can download the files created last year by clicking the links below, which will take you to the webpage where the pdf file is hosted.

The Mitten Clip & Learn {beginning sounds}

The Mitten Read & Write the Room Cards

The Mitten Story Props


This year we are using the book for a week of preschool work for Ladybug and I am using Jolanthe’s The Mitten Printable Packs, my own printables {above} and a few new ones I made for her!

One of the activities Ladybug loves the most is Roll & Graph, so I made her a set to go along with the book. I included a graph for 5 or 10, and the printable die. She also really enjoys Dot Fun pages, so I made a mini set for her! Both are included in this new set…

~> Download The Mitten Printables here <~

The Mitten Printables


More Mitten Fun…

The Mitten Q-Tip Painting Printables  The Mitten Letter Mazes Preschool Work Trays