Cloud Dough ~ A New Outside Favorite

Cloud Dough

I am certainly not the first one to share this and I honestly cannot remember the very first blog I saw it on.  Cloud Dough is floating around Pinterest everywhere {here’s the search for Cloud Dough so you can see the various ideas}!  I ignored it for a LONG time.  Why?  The MESS!  Then one day I decided it would make  great outside fun. 

We have a seasonal campsite for our camper this year, so I brought the ingredients and we made it together up there! Look how excited they were!

Cloud Dough -4297

What are the ingredients?  Get ready, it is SUPER complicated {joking}.

  • 8 parts flour
  • 1 part oil {we used baby, but you can use others}

Isn’t that tough?  We used 8 cups flour/1 cup oil for what you see below.

Cloud Dough -4301


All 3 kids played with this for hours!

Cloud Dough -4302

Cloud Dough -4304

Cloud Dough -4325 Cloud Dough -4330


These two have continued to play.  We made this batch back in May and now in July it is still up at our camper and we get it out whenever we go!  Cloud Dough -4336


Krash usually adds cars to play with, Ladybug adds Little Pet Shops!

Cloud Dough -4343

Cloud Dough -4418

Cloud Dough -4423


I wish I would have tried Cloud Dough sooner, a BIG thank you to whoever came up with this idea long ago. If you haven’t tried it, I recommend trying it, but do it outside!  It’s a mess!