My Homeschool Class 2013-2014

Homeschool Interviews 2013

We began our new homeschool year on August 12, and are enjoying our new year with a Preschooler, 2nd Grader, and 6th Grader. Bigger yes, but always my little rock stars!

We do interviews every year now, here’s 2011/12, and 2012/13. I am so glad I started this, and have actually remembered to do it for 3 years now!

Want to read their interviews?  Here’s the PDF version for you.

Sorry I don’t have a template to share, but feel free to copy any of the ideas on mine!

School Questionairre 2013 for Blog Krash School Questionairre 2013 for Blog Ladybug School Questionairre 2013 for Blog Pac


I love my tiny little class of 3.

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What I love most is how close they are.  Not perfect siblings by any means, but the love is there in a big way. I love that they spend their days with me and together.

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The dog is super happy they are homeschooled too.  Much more loving for her!

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