What’s in the Preschool Box ~ Master List

All By Myself Preschool Boxes

I created a separate webpage with a master list of all items I have on hand to choose from for our All By Myself Preschool boxes. Keep in mind, I have tons of stuff, way more than anyone needs.  I have accumulated it through my teaching days, generous donations from friends and grandparents, and blog review items.  I have purchased VERY little on this list!

I hope you find this list helpful as you search your own house for fun items, look for things to print and create, or add to Christmas or Birthday lists for your child!

Many of our ABC toys and puzzles are sorted out by letter for our ABC Collections, so you won’t see those on my list, but can see those here.  They would be great for boxes also, if you don’t do the ABC baskets like we do.

The webpage is sorted into 3 categories…

  • Toys, Games, Puzzles
  • Sensory Items
  • Printables

See our “What’s in the Box?” master list here!