A Surprise a Day Christmas Sensory bin

A Surprise a Day Christmas Sensory Bin

We have had a Christmas Sensory Bin for years now, but I have never written a full post about the part my kids enjoy the most. The new surprise each day! The bin itself begins with only the red/green base of items. The fun little Christmas additions come out one a day until they are all in the bin!


The Base:

  • red and green pom poms, jewels, and other small items
  • red and green tongs, spoons, scoops
  • sorting tray {ours is red}, ice cube trays, etc.
  • stockings {for playing feel and guess games, what’s missing, etc.}

Listen Carefully Sensory Bin Game


The Daily Surprises

    When adding one item per day, I also add in my little special containers. They love to play with the containers almost as much as the little stuff!
    Christmas Sensory bin -5266
    Getting a new item an a new container each day is really cool!
    Christmas Sensory bin -5195
    I collected most of my little items from craft stores and dollar stores.  I hit the after Christmas sales each year for new additions at really low prices!
    Christmas Sensory bin -6471


Ideas for daily items to add in…

  • pretend mini candy canes, candy
  • small bells
  • scented pine cones
  • small Christmas toys
  • red and green stars
  • mini Nativity figures
  • red and green glittery balls
  • mini gifts
  • mini drums
  • mini trees
  • mini lights
  • mini stockings

Christmas Sensory Bin-5145

Curly Hair-5272

Curly Hair-5274

Curly Hair-5277

Christmas Sensory bin -6477  Christmas Sensory bin -6479

I start in early December and add surprises one per day until they are all in.  The full bin then stays out through December to play with! This year the kids {all 3 of them} were so excited to see the bin again!  The boys insist on still being involved when the new item is revealed each day! 

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