Lately in Our Life ~ Daddy Teaches, Indoor Fun, and Ordinary Moments

Did you catch our first Lately in our Life post last week? My blog had loads of trouble the day it went up and was down for much of the day last week and then again today. Blog-land can be difficult to manage behind the scenes at times.  I think we have finally found a solution, I hope!

Lately in Our Life January 2015 2


Life is in full swing.  Although my husband is not fully recovered yet, we are not “all moved in” yet, and are in the middle of gymnastics competition season {traveling}, life is in full swing.  Normal attempts to carry on even with much abnormal surrounding us. Learning to go with the flow is certainly a skill I am fine tuning. I am learning that at times abnormal becomes normal.


It’s Chilly

This past week we’ve spent a lot of time indoors. It’s been mostly gray and chilly. Even our pets are chilly. Our dog and cat don’t often share Daddy’s lap, actually more like never.  But lately they have been willing to share if it means being warmer!

Lately in Our Life -3395


A new favorite indoor activity for the kids is making stop action movies.  My oldest leads this activity and the younger two assist him.  I happened to catch one in progress, I think they were making animated credits in this one with Lego names.

Lately in Our Life -3500


New dominoes from Christmas have spent lots of time out in action. Our new wood floors are perfect for massive domino creations.  Speaking of our wood floors, I love them.  We moved into an old house that was renovated nicely by the previous owner.  The floors are such a great gift, I always wanted hardwood floors in most of my house and now I have them!

Kindergarten -3434


Perler Beading is a VERY common activity around here. We have enough Perler Bead creations to fill an entire toy box. Here’s just some of our stash.

Lately in Our Life -3813

My kids make them AND play with their creations, a LOT. They were taking up my entire dining room table and I was getting some anxiety spikes, like every day. So, I decided to make a new schoolroom change.  We now have a Perler Bead table in the corner. I dug out an old Ikea table we weren’t using, put it together and grabbed a card table chair.  Nuts?  Yes, but for now it works. Their passion can carry on and my anxiety can calm down a bit.

Lately in Our Life -3431


Daddy the Teacher

Partly because of his broken legs, and partly because of our new life down south ~ Daddy is now helping with some homeschooling! He was already teaching Pac science before we moved and now he has added reading time with Ladybug each afternoon.  He also teaches Krash science, vocabulary, and math.  Have him around and helping like this is so awesome!

Kindergarten -3293

Ordinary Moments

Do you ever just look over and stare at your child in awe?  Soaking in the moment, the very ordinary moment? Sitting on my bed, in her beloved Pony jammies, watching Octonauts ~ totally ordinary yet absolutely extraordinary.

Lately in Our Life -3421

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