Owl Opposites ~ Dot Fun Which One?

Owl Opposites Dot Fun Which One

Awhile back we shared our first three sets of Owl Opposites printables, opposites flashcards, memory, and  mix and match printables.

We use several things for Dot Fun pages, including these squeeze pack tops that we save from our applesauce!  We also use dot paint, dot stickers, magnets and more.  See many ideas for Dot Fun printables here!

Owl Opposites -0794


There are 3 different pages like this in the set. You can keep them whole like I did or cut them into small cards. This dot fun set gives the child a multiple choice option when selecting the correct answer. Use these with dot paint or stickers for one time use, or reuse them over and over by using magnets, bottle tops, and more!



Opposites are a great thing to expose young children to, choose a few if you have a toddler or preschooler and add more as they are mastered. Don’t bring them all out at once, gradually build up!


Download your free Owl Opposites Dot Fun Which One here! 

Owl Opposites Dot Fun Which One

Grab the Owl Opposites Flashcards hereOwl Memory here, and Owl Opposites Mix & Match here!

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