Chickens 4 the Hinsons ~ Week 2

Chickens 4 the Hinsons Week 2

The chickens are so much fun. I continue to be totally smitten. Last week I shared all about our first week with these little fluffy ladies, you can see that post here!

Early in the week we hit a chick-milestone! Our baby girls started perching!!!

Chickens 3.28.18-23

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It finally warmed up so we could take the girls back outside to explore and man were they adorable! She talked to them, strolled them around, and fully enjoyed seeing them peck and play in the yard.

Chickens 3.28.18 Chickens 3.28.18-3Chickens 3.28.18-4 Chickens 3.28.18-5

We set up the kid corral and let the chicks play outside for a very long time on a warm day. She sat out there with them and read her book. Highlight of her day, for sure!

Chickens 3.28.18-27

Aren’t they just the cutest???

Chickens 3.28.18-21 Chickens 3.28.18-22

Thankful for sunshine and warmth!

Chickens 4.1.18-2

The girls in the family aren’t the only ones who love the chicks!

Chickens 4.1.18-11

Chickens 4.1.18-12


By the end of the week, the growth blew us away! These babies grow fast! I feel like each day they are changing. I love seeing their feathers come in, it’s all just fascinating to us!

Chickens 4.1.18-3

Check out her big-girl feathers coming in!

Chickens 4.1.18-4

Current brooder situation…

We had to add side gates to keep them from getting out!!

Chickens 4.1.18-5

Coop progress…

We decided on red, and got to work painting this past week!

Chickens 4.1.18-7 Chickens 4.1.18-8

Chickens 4.1.18-9 Chickens 4.1.18-10

Chickens 4.1.18


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