New 1+1+1=1 Shop

Shop Header

It’s been on the to-do list for years, and finally with Teacher’s Notebook shutting down next month, I got the kick in the pants I needed to get my own shop up and running! I have spent hours and hours uploading and updating to get this new shop ready and I hope you find it easy to navigate!  There just might be a typo or error and I ask that you DO let me know! I want to get things fixed if there is a problem! 

I’d love to give you a little tour of the new shop and made a video tour for those of you who like to watch, and below the video you’ll find a visual ‘tour’ with graphics!

One of the cool things about our new shop is the member section {note – this has nothing to do with our Members Only PowerPoint product}. This is a feature that will allow you to set up a free account to gain access to freebies and also keep track of your purchases! 

Member Account

Shop Freebies

Once logged into your account, your screen will look like this {below} and you will be able to easily download your freebies and click on the links on the left to see purchases and update your profile!

Account Screenshot

The homepage features a few ways to sort and find products, hopefully making the browsing process simple for you! On the left you see category sorting, and on the top right there is a drop-down menu with different sorting options.

Shop Home

Our main curriculum bundles are what people are often looking for and those have separate landing pages that can be found in the drop-down menu at the top of the site. When you hover over the “Shop Home” button, the menu drops down as shown below.


I truly hope this new shop is simple to navigate, that was my goal! I appreciate those of you who purchase our products, it is such a blessing to our family! If you made it this far I want to thank you with a 10% off discount code that is good for the rest of 2018! Use code loyalreader10 to get 10% off of anything in the shop from now through the end of 2018!CTA Buttons shop now