Exploring Opposites ~ PowerPoint Show

Exploring Opposites PowerPoint Show

I am excited to share an all new Exploring Opposites PowerPoint Show! This new PowerPoint show is included in the Members Only PowerPoint section, which is a one time fee of $20. If you are already a member, you’ll find this show in the “Early Childhood” section on the private site. Lost your login and password? Just email me and give me your PayPal email address. This is the way I can find your original purchase and give you your access info easily.

The show is created to correspond with our Exploring Opposites Printable Bundle which you can find here!

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There are 28 different sets of opposites featured as well as a review slide at the end of the show. Each slide begins with the sentence and one image on the screen. Upon clicking {or swiping on an iPad} the answer will slide in! The final slide allows your child to click through one at a time as each set pops up!

Exploring Opposites PowerPoint Show from 1 1 1=1

Here’s a peek via video to show you how the show will look when you use it with your child!

Current Members Only PowerPoint members – this show is located in the “Early Childhood” section! The website was recently updated, so if it looks different than you remember, this is why! Password is the same!

Grab your lifetime membership for $20.00! 

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If you’d like to purchase JUST this PP show, you can do that here. Keep in mind, a membership includes all past shows and any shows I add in the future!

Exploring Opposites PowerPoint

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