Exploring Opposites ~ PowerPoint Show

Exploring Opposites PowerPoint Show

I am excited to share an all new Exploring Opposites PowerPoint Show! This new PowerPoint show is included in the Members Only PowerPoint section, which is a one time fee of $20. If you are already a member, you’ll find this show in the “Early Childhood” section on the private site. Lost your login and password? Just email me and give me your PayPal email address. This is the way I can find your original purchase and give you your access info easily.

The show is created to correspond with our Exploring Opposites Printable Bundle which you can find here!

Exploring Opposites Bundle b

There are 28 different sets of opposites featured as well as a review slide at the end of the show. Each slide begins with the sentence and one image on the screen. Upon clicking {or swiping on an iPad} the answer will slide in! The final slide allows your child to click through one at a time as each set pops up!

Exploring Opposites PowerPoint Show from 1 1 1=1

Here’s a peek via video to show you how the show will look when you use it with your child!

Current Members Only PowerPoint members – this show is located in the “Early Childhood” section! The website was recently updated, so if it looks different than you remember, this is why! Password is the same!

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Exploring Opposites PowerPoint

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USA Geography Homeschool Plan ~ Elementary

United States Geography Homeschool Plan for Elementary

I didn’t focus on USA geography for the past couple of years, but we did intensely when PacMan was younger.  It’s time to bring it back as Ladybug goes into 1st grade and Krash into 4th.  It’s a great time to combine them together and I developed a plan that I think they both will enjoy!

USA Geography-8341


I combined a few different resources together to create my plan and I will share those with you in this post, there’s a video below too!  Here’s the short list of what we are using…

USA PowerPoint  StatePack


I liked the printable pages from USA State by State and we already owned StickerUSA which came with a disk of downloads {this no longer comes with the book so you’d have to order extra stickers or make copies}.  On the disk was a printable set of state birds and state flowers, so we are using those.  We are also using the flashcards from the StickerUSA book. Rounding out our plan will be my USA Geography PowerPoint Show, which has been redone recently.

Here’s a video I made sharing all of our resources with you and how we plan to use them.



These are the books we will be using to reference during our learning time together.

NG Kids United States Atlas   Student Atlas



  • Locate state on a map
  • Know the capital
  • Know the abbreviation
  • Be familiar with – bird, flower, resources, special facts

Weekly Plan

My goal is to learn 2 new states per week, but I say that loosely!  I know we probably won’t do more than that, but we may only get to 1 per week.  I will do this with Krash and Ladybug at the same time.  We will go through the PowerPoint together, read from the books I chose, and fill out the notebooking page together!

Games & More

We have a few other great USA resources and will fit them is as time allows!

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