Dot Fun Alphabet Review

The kids I am teaching are working on letter identification and beginning sounds. You can see our Kindergarten homeschool plans here! I created this review activity for them to review the letters we have learned. We are about 5 weeks into our learning together, see all of our posts featuring this adventure here!

Our new Dot Fun Alphabet Review is a great way to review letter identification. Each page features 3-4 letters {upper and lowercase} and the child uses specific colors to identify each letter.


We are doing a letter of the week style and at the end of week 4, we used this to review letters A-D.

I recommend using Dot Paint, kids love this! If you don’t have Dot Paint, just use crayons, markers, colored pencils, or whatever you have!


There are a couple of ways to get your hands on this!

You can buy it here in my Shop!


You can buy a Kindergarten @ Home Membership which will give you access to this and so much more!

Dot Fun Alphabet Review is included in Level 2 and Ultimate memberships!

You can read more about Kindergarten @ Home here on my blog, see FAQ here, and see a spreadsheet with cost savings details here!

You’ll notice I recently added our Kindergarten Monthly Calendar Notebook Membership {$18 value} to the Ultimate Membership, making the Ultimate membership level an even better deal!

Download Letters A-D Dot Fun Review for FREE here!

ABC Kids Alphabet Printables

ABC Kids Bundle


Our new ABC Kids bundle is filled with fun graphics to help your child who is learning to identify letters! This set is a fun way to expose early literacy skills with a focus on the alphabet. If you are doing a letter of the week program, this would be a great addition to your weekly letter focus. Add the flashcards to your ABC baskets, develop fine motor skills with the q-tip painting printables, practice early reading skills with the easy reader. Match lowercase letters to uppercase letters with the cut & glue set, and match words to pictures with the 3-part cards. Practice tracing letters and dot painting the letters with the dot fun set!

Here’s a peek at all of the ABC Kids included in this set…

614428130 614429164 614429480614429686614429922




Cut on the dotted lines to create a set of flashcards.  Keep this main set on a metal ring for future reference!


Easy Reader

Put together this simple easy reader to work on the letters your child is learning. Laminate and use metal rings instead of stapling so you can easily add pages as you learn more words!


Dot Fun with Handwriting Practice

Use these pages as a fun way to get some handwriting practice in while working on letters! Ideas for using Dot Fun printables here!Slide3

3 Part Cards

A Montessori approach to reading and matching words to pictures. See more of our 3 part cards here!

Slide3 Slide4

Cut & Match Pictures to Lowercase Letters

This is a fun hands-on way to practice matching upper and lowercase letters.Slide2

Q-Tip Painting

Ideas for using Q-Tip Painting Printables here!


Grab your bundle here in my shop!

ABC Kids Bundle

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FREE Letter A Sample Set

ABC Kids Letter A Sample Set

  Download Here

Alphabet Printables & More

Alphabet Ideas

As my site grows, I realize it becomes more difficult to navigate.  I promise I do my best to keep it organized, but it is so hard!  In addition to my theme posts, I am putting together 5 basic posts: ABC Printables {this one}, 123 Printables, Colors Printables, Shape Printables, and Bible Printables.  My goal is to link everything I can think of that is on my site under those categories.  I may even miss something of my own, let me know if I do!

Just Color ~ Alphabet

Hands on the Alphabet


Tot School Printables

Find coloring pages, dot paint/magnet sheets, letter stamping sheets within each unit set.


Units are available for all 26 letters for free


Flashcard SetSlide2

Tot Time Notebook

Alphabet Set

Slide2Slide3 image

Animal ABCs

Units can be purchased in bundle format, or individual letters can be downloaded for free when available.  Letter crafts, tracing, & flashcards. Dot fun & Play Dough Mats {only in purchase bundle option, or on Teacher’s Notebook here},

a alligatorSlide2

Animal ABC Flashcards 4Animal ABC Flashcards 1Animal ABC Flashcards 2Animal ABC Flashcards 3

image image

Raising Rock Stars Preschool

Find “getting ready for___”,” letter tracing, and vocabulary cards for each letter.  These pages are located within the unit for each letter.  Download the entire lesson and you will find the ABC pages within!  You don’t have to be using the entire RRSP program to benefit from the alphabet ideas in each unit!

Getting REady for ATracing Letter AA Vocab Cards

I also have a bundle of the tracing pages and a set of flashcards in my shop in Teacher’s Notebook…image

Raising Rock Stars Kindergarten

Sign language, and phonics worksheets are located within each specific letter unit.


ABC Mazes


Color by Number ABCs

Individual coloring pages can be found here.  Bundle option is available for purchase in Teacher’s Notebook here.


Animal Dot Fun

{Facebook Fan Freebie}image

Upper/Lower Case Clothespin Cards

image  image

Name Stamping

blank templates for name stamping, names up to 10 letters

Name Stamping Publics

ABC Printables

from Preschool Packs and Tot Packs

You can find the letter printables, including tracers, play dough mats, and other ABC fun within each pack.  Download the entire pack and you will find these pages within!

Example from B for Ballet

Preschool Pack Ballerina10Preschool Pack BallerinaPreschool Pack Ballerina4

PowerPoint Shows

{available to members of this section-info here}

Upper/Lowercase Lettersimage

Fun ABCsimage

ASL Alphabet {show and flashcards}image

A Few Favorite Alphabet Products

image  image  image

Top Alphabet Apps We Have

{for our iPad}

image image  image image image

image image image image image

Alphabet Ideas Pinterest Board


A Few Favorite Alphabet Books

How to Build an A Alpha Tales Set 2 Chicka Chicka 51oB8TFzO6L._SL160_

I will add more as I create, this post will be linked up top in my navigational menu under the “Printables by Theme” link.