Dot Fun Alphabet Review

The kids I am teaching are working on letter identification and beginning sounds. You can see our Kindergarten homeschool plans here! I created this review activity for them to review the letters we have learned. We are about 5 weeks into our learning together, see all of our posts featuring this adventure here!

Our new Dot Fun Alphabet Review is a great way to review letter identification. Each page features 3-4 letters {upper and lowercase} and the child uses specific colors to identify each letter.


We are doing a letter of the week style and at the end of week 4, we used this to review letters A-D.

I recommend using Dot Paint, kids love this! If you don’t have Dot Paint, just use crayons, markers, colored pencils, or whatever you have!


There are a couple of ways to get your hands on this!

You can buy it here in my Shop!


You can buy a Kindergarten @ Home Membership which will give you access to this and so much more!

Dot Fun Alphabet Review is included in Level 2 and Ultimate memberships!

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