Dot Fun Alphabet Review

The kids I am teaching are working on letter identification and beginning sounds. You can see our Kindergarten homeschool plans here! I created this review activity for them to review the letters we have learned. We are about 5 weeks into our learning together, see all of our posts featuring this adventure here!

Our new Dot Fun Alphabet Review is a great way to review letter identification. Each page features 3-4 letters {upper and lowercase} and the child uses specific colors to identify each letter.


We are doing a letter of the week style and at the end of week 4, we used this to review letters A-D.

I recommend using Dot Paint, kids love this! If you don’t have Dot Paint, just use crayons, markers, colored pencils, or whatever you have!


There are a couple of ways to get your hands on this!

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Download Letters A-D Dot Fun Review for FREE here!

What Begins With…A to Z

What Begins with A to Z

Years ago I created Kindergarten Literature Units for 9 of my daughter’s favorite books. I focused her Kindergarten experience around these, incorporating my Kindergarten literacy and math goals for her into these units. We used a few other fun things for her Kindergarten curriculum, but these units were by far our favorite!

One of the elements in many of the units was a page called “Phonics Connection” which you can see in action here:


I had always intended to make a full set for the entire alphabet but never got around to it! A few readers have asked and I am happy to say that I finally have it done!

Each page looks like this when you print it out:

Alphabet Printables What Begins with (2)

There are a few different options, depending on your child. Sometimes we cut the letters out, sometimes we didn’t! Sometimes she cut out the images and sometimes I did it with her. As we worked through sorting the different images, she also learned vocabulary words. My daughter loved tape, so I often let her tape her images onto the letter. You can also practice with glue –“just a dot, not a lot,” or a glue stick.


There’s also an answer guide for parents, in case any of the images are confusing!


Find this set in my Teacher’s Notebook Shop!

What Begins With A to Z

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Looking for more fun beginning sound printables?

Check out our Beginning Sound Mazes:

Beginning Sound Mazes Printables

ABC Find It! Bundle

ABC Find It Bundle

I finished the ABC Find It! printable set!  The individual files are still available for FREE as they have been, and I am slowly adding the rest of the files individually. 

ABC Find It Letter A

You can scroll down and the ABC Find It! webpage and see the new files listed near the bottom! A-L {which have been there} have graphics to click on to download, and the rest will be text links. I am working on the individual files now and plan to have them all uploaded within a month!

Want them all now and in one file?  I added it to my Teacher’s Notebook Shop in case you do!  Every little bit supports our family, thank you!

Q Tip Painting Alphabet Printables

Q Tip Painting Alphabet Printables


I had a hunch that my daughter would really enjoy Q-Tip Painting, and I was right!  I created this Q-Tip Painting A-Z set and gave her one page.  She begged for more!

Q Tip Painting ABC Printables

My main goal in creating these was not only to add in letter ID, but also as a fun way to work on her pencil grip.  Somehow I began using the phrase “use your fairy grip” while doing these and it caught on.  I was aiming for the 2 finger delicate grip, rather than the whole fisted grip and when I called it the fairy grip she giggled and did it!

Q Tip Painting ABC Printables

I also printed these for her, which she enjoyed!

Q Tip Painting Printables

Just found these My Little Pony Q-Tip printables too!  She will be so excited when I give these to her!

You can download the Q-Tip Painting Alphabet Printables for free here on the All ABCs webpage. Just scroll down and click on this image!Q Tip Alphabet Painting