Tinkerbell & Friends Printable Pack

Tinkerbell and Friends Printable Pack

I made a Fairy Printable Pack last year and many asked me for Tinkerbell.  I hope many of your Tinkerbell fans enjoy this free printable pack, made for Tots – Kindergartners!

Tinkerbell Printables

Download the Tinkerbell Printables Here!

Clipart is from  ClipArtopia & CherryClipart


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Raising Rock Stars Preschool ~ Letter Ff and Fairies!

Home Preschool Letter F

Raising Rock Stars Preschool


Our letter this week ~ Ff, our verse:


See RRSP Letter Ff with Krash here!

Not familiar with RRSP? Read the intro post here!

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She does about 2 RRSP activities per day plus the PowerPoint on most days.

We use our measuring tape to measure our verse after she cut and tapes it! This has become a regular thing now and it is a great way to bring in basic measurement and number ID in a natural way! We also compare the verse to her height, also bringing in lots of math terminology naturally!

Home Preschool Letter Ff -1606 Home Preschool Letter Ff -1612

She loved the craft this week, and worked hard lacing the heart herself!

Home Preschool Letter Ff -1642 Home Preschool Letter Ff -1645

Home Preschool Letter Ff -1652


She loves using the dry erase center for her tracing…Home Preschool Letter F-1534


The entire printable unit {everything else you see pictured above} is available for FREE!

You can download the entire letter Ff unit for FREE here.

Want the RRSP Bundle?


~ More Letter Ff Work ~

See how we organize our weekly home preschool activitiesPreschool-Work-Trays62

The ABC Basket is always a favorite.  She spends lots of time exploring and playing with the contents.  The animals I add for each letter are a BIG favorite.

Home Preschool Letter Ff -1477

She likes to bury the small letter items in her rice bin

Home Preschool Letter Ff -1503

Home Preschool Letter Ff -1506


She used some magnets {I think these might be from Staples} to find the Ff’sHome Preschool Letter Ff -1591


Dot painting F is for Fox, with intensity!Home Preschool Letter F-1537


I got out our flowers and bugs file folder game for her, she liked it!

Home Preschool Letter F-1559 Home Preschool Letter F-1562


Dot painting the F with the frog. Home Preschool Letter Ff -1675

Letter Ff pattern block printable with her magnetic pattern blocksHome Preschool Letter Ff -1630


Animal ABC lowercase f…Home Preschool Letter Ff -1669

Home Preschool Letter Ff -2067


We used the frogs and fish from her ABC basket to do a little sorting…Home Preschool Letter Ff -1632

She enjoyed much of the FAIRY printable pack!

Fairy Theme Preschool Fun

The Fairy Sensory Bin was played with a lot…Fairy Sensory Bin -1495


Cutting, matching, and gluing fairies!Home Preschool Letter F-1528


Sorting fairies!Home Preschool Letter F-1545


Fairy 1-10 puzzle…Home Preschool Letter Ff -1497


Dot Paint F is for Fairy…Home Preschool Letter Ff -1501



Count 1-20 with the fairy…Home Preschool Letter Ff -1568


Cut, Count, & Glue!Home Preschool Letter Ff -1657Home Preschool Letter Ff -1655Home Preschool Letter Ff -1658


Fairy Graphing…Home Preschool Letter Ff -1662Home Preschool Letter Ff -1665


Hanging up some of her fairy work…Home Preschool Letter F-1558

We are in the second half of All About Reading Pre Level 1, which goes through the lowercase letters.

She LOVED the letter f page!  She colored with crayons and then water colored over the top to make the ocean…Home Preschool Letter Ff -1622

Then we added glitter to be the sand!

Home Preschool Letter Ff -1626

Her work all hung up at the end of the week…Home Preschool Letter Ff -2085


Find all letter F activities on my F is for… Pinterest board, or on my general ABC Ideas board!

image  image212

More Preschool Fun!

Not everything we do revolves around our letter of the week, I just often forget to take pictures of the rest!

We got some new geoboards and Ladybug fell in LOVE with them!!!

Home Preschool Letter Ff -2043


Some stacking peg fun…

Home Preschool Letter Ff -2106

She LOVES our Shape Viewers!  An old blogging friend made these and her blog is private now, but I did find the link to them on Scribd here! Basically you print them out, cut out the middle, laminate them, and tape them to sticks!

Home Preschool Letter Ff -2108 Home Preschool Letter Ff -2109 Home Preschool Letter Ff -2111


Playing with our iTrax pieces was a favorite this week!Learning Resources iTrax Game-2295


Learning Tools We Used…




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Fairies & Flowers Sensory Bin

I am a big fan of taking toys we already have and creating learning experiences from them. I love to expand on the natural interests of my young kids and use those interests to make early learning more fun and engaging.  Ladybug’s love of her fairies is my latest example of this.  She is working through her Fairy Printable Pack right now and also enjoying a Fairies & Flowers Sensory Bin!

Fairy Sensory Bin -1459

She got a fairy set  {it was a big set from Target, I can’t find a link to the one we got} for Christmas so I used them as my fairies, but I also saw these online that are cute too! I looked through our sensory bin small item collections and decided to add mini foam flowers, shiny rocks, mini butterfly erasers and heart/star/flower links {those are from Dollar Tree}.

Fairy Sensory Bin -1465


On a special theme week, I allow all of the toys within that theme in the schoolroom also, as a special treat.  You can see her fairy house {we got ours at Toys R Us for $30 on sale at Christmas time} and was a part of our play time too.

Fairy Sensory Bin -1479


Lots of simple learning happens with our sensory bins, below you can see we made colored beds for the fairies.  We sorted, counted, made patterns and enjoyed imaginative play together!

Fairy Sensory Bin -1495

Fairy Sensory Bin -1481 Fairy Sensory Bin -1482


Krash is almost 7 and still LOVES our bins.  He always finds a way to enjoy them, even if they are a bit “girly” he could care less!  Below you can see his rock pond, complete with flower lily pads for the frogs to jump around on.

Fairy Sensory Bin -1489

Fairy Sensory Bin -1492

Looking for more Fairy fun? 

If you haven’t read the Montessori Minute post about sensory play, be sure to read that to see why these bins are so wonderful for kids! See a Behind the Scenes look at Sensory Bin play with videos here!

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Fairy Printable Pack

fairy printables

When I saw this adorable spring fairy clipart, I just knew we had to have a FAIRY week when we did letter F!  I got busy quickly since we were on letter D when I found it!  We are actually having our fairy week right now!

I hope many other fairy fans enjoy this free printable pack also!

Spring Fairies Printable Pack

Download the Spring Fairy Printables Here!

I also added a full size easy reader to the Easy Reader collection, you can find it here!

Where is the Fairy

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More Work Drawer Printable Labels!

I shared about our use of Preschool Work Trays {boxes, drawers, etc.} awhile back, and I also shared the My Little Pony labels I made for her!


I asked for suggestions and was able to make a few new sets with some of the suggestions that were left in the comments and emailed to me! I hope some of these will be of use to some of you!

You can download these here!

Dinosaur Work Drawer Labels   Farm Work Drawer Labels

Fairy Work Drawer Labels   Sofia Work Drawer Labels

Pirate Work Drawer Labels  Batman Drawer Labels

I have the following Preschool Packs in the works:

  • My Little Pony {almost done}
  • Sofia the First {reader request, and Ladybug likes it}
  • Spring Fairies {Ladybug’s request}
  • Littlest Pet Shop {Ladybug’s request}

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