Raising Rock Stars Preschool ~ Letter Ff and Fairies!

Home Preschool Letter F

Raising Rock Stars Preschool


Our letter this week ~ Ff, our verse:


See RRSP Letter Ff with Krash here!

Not familiar with RRSP? Read the intro post here!

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She does about 2 RRSP activities per day plus the PowerPoint on most days.

We use our measuring tape to measure our verse after she cut and tapes it! This has become a regular thing now and it is a great way to bring in basic measurement and number ID in a natural way! We also compare the verse to her height, also bringing in lots of math terminology naturally!

Home Preschool Letter Ff -1606 Home Preschool Letter Ff -1612

She loved the craft this week, and worked hard lacing the heart herself!

Home Preschool Letter Ff -1642 Home Preschool Letter Ff -1645

Home Preschool Letter Ff -1652


She loves using the dry erase center for her tracing…Home Preschool Letter F-1534


The entire printable unit {everything else you see pictured above} is available for FREE!

You can download the entire letter Ff unit for FREE here.

Want the RRSP Bundle?


~ More Letter Ff Work ~

See how we organize our weekly home preschool activitiesPreschool-Work-Trays62

The ABC Basket is always a favorite.  She spends lots of time exploring and playing with the contents.  The animals I add for each letter are a BIG favorite.

Home Preschool Letter Ff -1477

She likes to bury the small letter items in her rice bin

Home Preschool Letter Ff -1503

Home Preschool Letter Ff -1506


She used some magnets {I think these might be from Staples} to find the Ff’sHome Preschool Letter Ff -1591


Dot painting F is for Fox, with intensity!Home Preschool Letter F-1537


I got out our flowers and bugs file folder game for her, she liked it!

Home Preschool Letter F-1559 Home Preschool Letter F-1562


Dot painting the F with the frog. Home Preschool Letter Ff -1675

Letter Ff pattern block printable with her magnetic pattern blocksHome Preschool Letter Ff -1630


Animal ABC lowercase f…Home Preschool Letter Ff -1669

Home Preschool Letter Ff -2067


We used the frogs and fish from her ABC basket to do a little sorting…Home Preschool Letter Ff -1632

She enjoyed much of the FAIRY printable pack!

Fairy Theme Preschool Fun

The Fairy Sensory Bin was played with a lot…Fairy Sensory Bin -1495


Cutting, matching, and gluing fairies!Home Preschool Letter F-1528


Sorting fairies!Home Preschool Letter F-1545


Fairy 1-10 puzzle…Home Preschool Letter Ff -1497


Dot Paint F is for Fairy…Home Preschool Letter Ff -1501



Count 1-20 with the fairy…Home Preschool Letter Ff -1568


Cut, Count, & Glue!Home Preschool Letter Ff -1657Home Preschool Letter Ff -1655Home Preschool Letter Ff -1658


Fairy Graphing…Home Preschool Letter Ff -1662Home Preschool Letter Ff -1665


Hanging up some of her fairy work…Home Preschool Letter F-1558

We are in the second half of All About Reading Pre Level 1, which goes through the lowercase letters.

She LOVED the letter f page!  She colored with crayons and then water colored over the top to make the ocean…Home Preschool Letter Ff -1622

Then we added glitter to be the sand!

Home Preschool Letter Ff -1626

Her work all hung up at the end of the week…Home Preschool Letter Ff -2085


Find all letter F activities on my F is for… Pinterest board, or on my general ABC Ideas board!

image  image212

More Preschool Fun!

Not everything we do revolves around our letter of the week, I just often forget to take pictures of the rest!

We got some new geoboards and Ladybug fell in LOVE with them!!!

Home Preschool Letter Ff -2043


Some stacking peg fun…

Home Preschool Letter Ff -2106

She LOVES our Shape Viewers!  An old blogging friend made these and her blog is private now, but I did find the link to them on Scribd here! Basically you print them out, cut out the middle, laminate them, and tape them to sticks!

Home Preschool Letter Ff -2108 Home Preschool Letter Ff -2109 Home Preschool Letter Ff -2111


Playing with our iTrax pieces was a favorite this week!Learning Resources iTrax Game-2295


Learning Tools We Used…




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