Animal ABC ~ Lowercase Letters

Animal abc lowercase letters

I have a bonus for all of you who have purchased the Animal ABC Bundle!  I created a separate lowercase letter set, with all new animals!

Why new animals? Because Ladybug loves animals and half of the fun with this is exploring the animals and not just the letters, so I thought 26 all new animals would capture her interest!  We will be using these after we finish the uppercase set, when she begins RRSP, I will add them in. We will also be entering into the second half of All About Reading Pre, which focuses on lowercase letters.

You might giggle at some of the animal choices I made, finding a 2nd animal for each letter was a bit challenging!  I wrote in the name of the animal on the main letter page in case you are a bit clueless!  Also ~ I usually use short vowel sounds but in the case of letter e, I chose an eagle, since the other choices for e weren’t good images. A few of my more interesting animal choices ~ v-vervet monkey, q-quokka, n-nightingale, z-zebra finch, y-yorkie {dog}.

I hope you have fun with these ~ they are available as a bonus for people who have purchased the Animal ABC Bundle!  Or ~ you can purchase the set from Teacher’s Notebook here.

This set contains…

display letters

Lowercase Animal abc

blank lowercase letters, full page

Lowercase Animal abc

animals to cut out and glue on finished project

Lowercase Animal abc

Feeling a tad bit uncreative with the artsy side of these?  Check out “Ideas for Using Animal ABC Letter Crafts” and get your artsy juices flowing!

Ideas for Using ABC Letter Crafts

If you have already purchased the Animal ABC Bundle, you will need to go back to the private webpage {link in your original email} and download this new add-on!  If you lost the link, just email me with your PayPal email address and I can resend your original email!

Just want this set?  Buy it here on Teacher’s Notebook!

If you have not purchased Animal ABCs yet but would like to, you can read more about it and other items I sell here!