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~Ladybug is currently 38 months old~Tot School

Animal ABC

I have been forgetting to take pictures of her desk set-up, but I remembered this week!  I added some letter fun also, featuring the letter O using our Letter Construction set, our alphabet peg set, our foam floor puzzle alphabet, and letter bean bags.  She loved this!

The printable items are all available here on the Animal ABCs webpage. {files are released for free when they are posted on the Totally Tots blog for the ABC feature, letter O is not free yet, but it will be once it is posted on Totally Tots!}.

Letter O Week

Here are some Letter O and Octopus ideas for you…


She did tons of her octopus stuff, I only have 1 picture to show for it!  Here she is coloring…

Octopus Coloring

Special Note: Please read my post about Following the Child’s Lead if you have a tot and need info about this.  All tots are different and what Ladybug is doing may not be appropriate for your child, even if s/he is the same age!


Octonauts Tot Pack

O week seemed perfect for an Octonauts theme!

I put magnets on the back of the heads and tails matching and had them with our cookie sheet, she loved this!Octonauts Matching

3 part cards in the mini pocket chart, she did this several times, minus the word matching-I helped or she ignored it for the most part!Octonauts Matching

Octonauts graphing with dot paint!Octonauts Graphing

I cut, she chose, glued and counted!

Gluing Octonauts Gluing Octonauts

Play Dough in the dry erase center!Octonauts Play Dough

ABC tracing…Octonauts Alphabet Tracing

I said, “Who is in the crescent?” she loved yelling out their names!Octonauts Tracing Shapes

She wanted to color the insides of the O’s on her maze!Octonauts Letter Maze


I brought out our ocean sensory bin for the week, she loved it!  We haven’t had sensory bins as much, so they are special when they appear!Ocean Sensory Bin

Ocean Sensory Bin

Fishing for lettersFishing for letters

Play Dough with the boys…play dough busy box

Big brother letting her use his spin art…spin art


We have a herd of caterpillars around here, collected by my sons from the backyard.  Pac is keeping his stash in our butterfly house, and they are doing well.  Ladybug has her own set in a glass jar and carries the poor things around with her everywhere!  Here, she was observing one of them as it played outside of it’s cage.

observing caterpillar


Only one photo of my bug and her iPad this week, from Instagram, as she was doing her 3 letters before bed.  She will ask if she can do just 3 letters before we read books!Letter School App


See all of our iPad app recommendations and other iPad info here!

Insta TotLadybug’s week on Instagram, since we are using Instagram more, I am switching the Mom’s Favorite category to “Insta-Tot” .  {I am using Printsgram to make the layout for the week!}

Featuring: her last night in her crib, new big girl bed, snuggles with Mommy, swimming with Daddy, fancy hair, and more!  We are 1plus1plus1, follow us or see all of our photos here!

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  • Easy Readers for iPads and Tablets

    Easy Readers

    I am beginning to create something new,  Easy Readers that your kids can read on your iPad or other device!  You could also print them, but the main purpose in putting these together is to build up a simple easy reader collection for FREE!  So far I have added the following easy reader books…

    Octonauts Easy Reader  On the Farm Easy Reader  Rainbows Easy Reader


    You can download these and any other easy readers I add for FREE here on the Easy Readers Webpage!

    How to download one of my free easy reader books to your device…

    Instructions for iPad, definitely the easiest and most user friendly.  I created the easy readers with my iPad in mind!

    1. Make sure you have downloaded iBooks onto your device.
    2. Open the Easy Readers Webpage, from your device.
    3. Click on the book you want to download.
    4. On my iPad, after the pdf opens there is a little box in the upper right hand corner that says “Open in iBooks” I click that and it brings the book into iBooks and the book stays there! 
    5. Want to read again? Launch iBooks for your child and have fun reading any books you have downloaded!  I made covers for each book with clear graphics so your child can easily see which book s/he would like to choose if you just open your iBooks screen, they appear nicely on the “shelves.”

    Instructions for Kindle Fire, my husband has this so I tested it out-not nearly as simple as an i device.  The PDFs read and scroll fine, but when in landscape mode the page is a bit too large and cannot scroll smaller.  If you turn it to portrait mode, the page is smaller but it show the full page all at once.

    1. Open the Easy Readers Webpage, from your device.
    2. Click on the book you want to download.
    3. After the pdf file downloads, click on the little yellow image shown below, then click on “downloads” {green}IMG_4232
    4. You will then see the file you just downloaded.
    5. In order to have the files STAY on your Fire, you need to follow the instructions to email docs to your kindle email address.  It does not support the graphics on the first page, the pages are just plain. Or you can just go back to your downloads screen, I believe they stay there.

    As for other tablets, I have no clue!  You can experiment to see how PDF files are supported for your particular device.

    Want to Print?

    1. Print at full size and slip the pages into sheet protectors to make your own book.  Tie the sheet protectors through the holes with string, or use a folder with prongs.
    2. Scale down the PDF to make a half or quarter size book.

    I hope to add more easy readers to the collection, Krash and Ladybug are really enjoying the ones we have so far!  Krash has requested Skylanders, Star Wars, and a few more so I better get busy!  These are very easy for him to read, but he loves that.  He is beyond this type of easy reader but it is a nice confidence boost for him.  Ladybug will just be getting into this level of reader soon!

    Octonauts Printables

    Octonauts Tot Pack  Octonauts Kindergarten Printables

    Ladybug will be 3 in April, let’s just not even talk about that-how did she get this OLD?  She chose an Octonauts theme for her little party, so I decided to have Octonauts school week too!  Krash saw me working on her pack, and asked for some Kindergarten work too!  So, I made both, honestly all 3 of my kids like this show-even the 9 year old!  Not familiar? It comes on Disney Junior, here is the website. 


    You can download these for free here…

    Octonauts Tot Pack

    {more included, just a sample shown}Octonauts Tot Pack

    Octonauts Kindergarten Printables

    {scroll until you see the Octonauts button and click on the text link under it “Octonauts Printables”}Octonauts Kindergarten Printables