Homeschool Organization Ideas ~ Part 1

Homeschool Organization Ideas

It’s a new year and many have organization on the brain. If you’re anything like me, you can always use some homeschool organization tips and ideas! While these are geared towards homeschoolers, since this is a homeschool blog, most of these ideas will be great for anyone with kids! This is the first of a 2 part series for you, which will share our top ideas for homeschool organization!

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Below you will see how we organize our play dough supplies, our toys, our sensory bin supplies, our books and our office/school supplies! Developing good organizational habits has really helped keep our entire home cleaner and assists everyone with finding what they are looking for!

Organize Your Homeschool

Organize the Play Dough & Supplies

Have Play dough?  Need to organize the supplies?  Here’s the method we have used for years to keep our play dough supplies organized! This post also contains free printables for the box label and also an ABC play dough chart.

Busy Hands Play Dough Box

Simplify the Sensory Bin Supplies

In our Simple Sensory Bin Solutions you can see how we organize all of the STUFF associated with sensory bins.In this post you’ll see the items we use, how we store them, and ideas for sensory bins!

Simple Sensory Bin Collection

Tame the Toys

See how we organize and store toys in our house. Keeping them organized is key for my sanity and helps with toy rotation. Learn how to make custom labels for your toy bins and all about our favorite toy storage supplies!

Tame the Toys

Sort the Supplies

We have used this over the door shoe organizer to sort smaller supplies for many years.  This is such a great way to centralize the location of certain items for the entire family. See more about this tried and true supply organization method here.

organizing school and office supplies in an over the door shoe hanger

Color Code the Kids

Color coding kids is something we have done for years but don’t have as much of a need for it now that our kids are older.  Back in the younger kid days this was a much-loved method.

Color Coded Homeschool Supplies


Organize the Books

When my kids were younger and theme based books were used ALL the time, this method made my life so much easier. Inexpensive magazine holders, books sorted by theme, see more about it here!


Stay tuned for part 2, filled with even more homeschool organization ideas!

Here’s a quick recap of the ideas shared in this post:

More ideas coming soon!

Homeschool Organization Ideas

Some Shopping Help For You!

I get asked a LOT about certain supplies that are shown on my blog often: tweezers, tongs, trays and more!  Many of the items I own, I have collected over the years and some I have no clue where they came from!

Recently a reader of mine shared a link on my Facebook page to some tweezers and droppers, which I immediately fell in love with.  I also noticed that Discount School Supply has a 15% off coupon active right now {FABFALL}, and they don’t offer too many coupons so I thought I would share!

Take 15% Off Select Curriculum You can also get free shipping is you place a $79 order…maybe you could combine with a friend to share some items!

Below are links to the tweezers and droppers shared and a few other things I found at Discount School Supply {some on Amazon too, which I linked beneath to help you comparison shop} that would be great for Tot Trays and other Montessori works.  We do not personally own all of these exact items, but things very similar! 

Easy Grip Tweezers – Set of 12

image{these Tweezers are on Amazon here}


Eye Droppers – Set of 12



Strawberry Pickers – Set of 2



Sea & Zoo Sticks



Visual & Audible Timers

We do have this exact timer and LOVE it!!!image{same timer on Amazon, we have the 8” audible model}


Assorted 9 Geometric Boards – 6 Pieces

image{here’s 1 board on Amazon in case you only want one}


Yellow Sorting Tray

image{Similar tray on Amazon}


Do-A-Dot Art Primary Markers – Set of 6

We own these…image

but these look really cool…

Washable Scented Dabber Dot Markers – Set of 10



There are obviously many more items they sell that are great for homeschooling.  These are just a few of my favorites.  We have variations of everything listed above except the geo boards, I really want those!   I did find smaller plastic tweezers on Amazon here, we have these tweezers too.  My medium sized tongs are here {I got them w/free shipping, now they are charging way too much so watch them!}. 

I also get asked a lot about my porcupine balls and a few other things we use often.  You can see my

imageSchool Tools Blog here for links to many of our school tools {I am continually adding to it}.  Here are a  few posts about where to get some of these frequently asked about and used items…

Keep in mind that even if you have NONE of this, you often have so much just in your house that will work. You do NOT have to spend tons of money to create a wonderful learning environment for a young child.  Always look around your house first and use what you have, especially if money is tight! 

1+1+1=1’s School Tools

I am in the process of organizing our school tools on a blog.  Sounds weird, right?  Trust me, it’s not.

It is a perfect way for me – a total blog mind – to sort things!  I was going to take pictures and create a notebook for me to use when planning {since I am brain dead and forget things we own}.

I then realized that I can tag posts and sort my learning tools online so YOU can see them too!

This is a low-key blog mainly for me to use for planning.  I can search for particular toys/printables by label and quickly see what we have on hand.  As I was preparing my list I realized how wonderful this would have been a few months ago considering I forgot to pull out our Automoblox during our transportation week-DUH!

We own or have everything I list-that’s the point!  Feel free to peek and browse, I am no where near done, so check back!  I am in the process of trying my best to archive our many tools.  I added tons of labels, including a “favorites” label.


I would LOVE for many of you to do this, as I am always looking for new ideas {especially for holidays and birthdays}.  Feel free to copy me and create your own school tools archive, and share it! Send me your link via email or leave a comment here if you take the plunge!!

Visit 1+1+1=1’s School Tools here!