1+1+1=1’s School Tools

I am in the process of organizing our school tools on a blog.  Sounds weird, right?  Trust me, it’s not.

It is a perfect way for me – a total blog mind – to sort things!  I was going to take pictures and create a notebook for me to use when planning {since I am brain dead and forget things we own}.

I then realized that I can tag posts and sort my learning tools online so YOU can see them too!

This is a low-key blog mainly for me to use for planning.  I can search for particular toys/printables by label and quickly see what we have on hand.  As I was preparing my list I realized how wonderful this would have been a few months ago considering I forgot to pull out our Automoblox during our transportation week-DUH!

We own or have everything I list-that’s the point!  Feel free to peek and browse, I am no where near done, so check back!  I am in the process of trying my best to archive our many tools.  I added tons of labels, including a “favorites” label.


I would LOVE for many of you to do this, as I am always looking for new ideas {especially for holidays and birthdays}.  Feel free to copy me and create your own school tools archive, and share it! Send me your link via email or leave a comment here if you take the plunge!!

Visit 1+1+1=1’s School Tools here!