Kindergarten with Krash ~ You Can Read Unit 4

Homeschool Kindergarten Week 3


His first Calvert lessons have him reviewing basic skills he is solid in, so we aren’t spending much time there right now.  We are spending a majority of our time focusing on our You Can Read printables, which is challenging him at a perfect level.  We are doing many other additional activities also and having a blast!  Here’s a bit of the literacy fun we have had recently…


We worked with unit 4 from You Can Read, for 1 week, as he caught onto these words quickly!You Can Read Sight Words Set 4

Here colored his sight word color by # words…

IMG_3228 IMG_3590

Word shapes…IMG_3215

Making words, using our mini pocket chartIMG_3218


Play Dough Words, he really likes these now that I made our own play doughIMG_3265

We did them with and without the sheets.  I made the word for the without the sheets and he had to read them.IMG_3196

Funny fonts…IMG_3453

This week after finding the 4 unit words, I gave him a different color and had him circle any other words he could read…IMG_3587

After he circled them, I had him go back and read any circled words and if he read it correctly he got a red dot.  Then we added up his score which he thought was really cool!IMG_3588

Coloring the books by word…IMG_3594

He used his box handwriting cards which are an add-on to the You Can Read program {base printables are free once they are released on the blog, add-ons will only be in the ad-free section}.  These are challenging to him but a great 1 on 1 teaching tool for letter formation.  If he gets overly frustrated, we stop.IMG_3459

Word-Play-rectangle4Word Play is a BIG component to our Kindergarten learning.  Here are a few of the active things we did recently with his new words, be sure to visit the main Word Play linky to see MANY ideas!

After he colors his sight words, I cut off the end and laminate the cards. This week we used our cubes and word cards from Education Cubes for the You Can Read program along with our word cards.  Krash rolled the cube and then had to toss his funny ball onto the matching word.IMG_3373


We played “erase the wrong spellings”…IMG_3599

He continues to LOVE our easy readers, we are using First Little Readers, and Sight Word Readers. I didn’t get any action shots this week!  We are using Guided Reading strategies during this time, which you can read about here.

We also do phonics work and still use Bob Books for this.  I introduced the 3rd book and he was really challenged by this one!  He read it, but struggled remembering that he had to sound words out.  He asked if he could read the easier Bob book instead!


One day he asked me to help him draw the Bob characters from his book, it was really fun! IMG_3261.


Hands on, learning toys, games, computer, themes, and more.  This is where I plan to share everything else he has been up to that I happen to capture! These are the “extra” things we do in addition to his direct instruction which you will see above.

We have changed up our afternoon group time to rotate between Spanish, Geography and Drawing.  It is not a set schedule-the choice is based on how I feel or what they choose.

We use Draw with Rich and also our Draw, Write, Now books for most of our drawings.  Although we have used a few other sources.  I plan to pick up my “Something Special” blog series and focus on these 3 areas.

After the boys and I draw together, Pac Man heads upstairs to do independent school time.  Krash often wants to write a story about what he drew, here’s one he dictated to me…

IMG_3214  IMG_3229

We are using Erica’s Road Trip USA coloring sheets along with our USA Geography PowerPoint show.  The kids are loving the coloring sheets, I plan to share more later!IMG_3357


We are using Speekee for Spanish and loving it. I have a full review and giveaway coming soon-so more on that later!  After watching an episode one day, we played with our Leapfrog Spanish memory game…IMG_3437


Just when you think they might be a bit old for a sensory binIMG_3419

YES-they picked up every.single.bean.


Krash also LOVES our Twisters and Twister Curves!!!IMG_3515


A few items we used…


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