Songs for Saplings ~ Questions with Answers Volume 1 NEW Printables

Songs for Saplings Questions with Answers 1 Bible Verse Tracers and Fill in the Blank Printables


A few years ago I created some printables to go along with one of my favorite CDs, Songs for Saplings Questions with Answers, Volume 1. You’ll find a poster for each song and some quiz cards about the Biblical truth taught in the song in that set.

In our new set of printables, you will find two new items to use with these songs.

 Songs for Saplings -7708


One is a fill-in-the-blank with missing words from the lyrics.

Songs for Saplings


The other is a verse card sharing the Bible verse{s} the song is based on. She uses the cursive set and traces missing words for a small cursive practice. I also have her read the verse to me in cursive to practice reading cursive. I included a manuscript set also in case you prefer those.

Songs for Saplings  Songs for Saplings


My daughter is in 2nd grade and is using these for part of her Bible curriculum this year. She is learning one song per week.

I put the CD on an old iPod and taught her how to find it and play the right song. Once I helped her for the first week, she learned to manage this on her own. 

Here’s what she does each week…

Monday ~ She uses the song lyric poster and just listens to the song.

Tuesday ~ She listens to the song again, and then traces the missing words on the Bible verse card.

Songs for Saplings -7079

Wednesday ~ She listens to the song and uses the quiz card to check her understanding of the truth being presented in the song.

Thursday ~ She listens to the song and fills in the missing words on the printable.

Friday ~ She shows me all of her work and sings the song for me. She mostly has it memorized by then, but I allow her to read along if she needs to. We discuss the truth and review the previous weeks also. Below she was singing her song to me, she had memorized this one and wanted me to hold the lyrics so she wouldn’t peek.

Songs for Saplings -6254


I added this to her curriculum on a whim and am SO glad I did. She loves these songs and is learning so much. I am hoping to find time to make printables for the Questions and Answers 2 so we can keep going when she finishes these!

Here’s a video clip from Instagram showing her signing along as she was tracing the verse.

A video posted by Carisa (@1plus1plus1) on

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You can download these new printables here on my Bible Printables webpage, just look for the graphic and click on it!

Songs for Saplings Questions with Answers 1 Bible Verse Tracers and Fill in the Blank Printables


Download the first set of printables for this CD here!

Questions with Answers Volume 1 God and Creation Printables


Looking for the Songs for Saplings ABC printables?


Questions with Answers Volume 1 Printables

Questions with Answers Volume 1 God and Creation Printables

Years ago I created printables to go along with Songs for Saplings ABCs and now I am working my way through the Questions with Answers CDs!  I was given these CDs to review many years ago and we have been in love ever since!

I will be using Questions with Answers with my kids {with the focus being Ladybug and Krash} this year, just as a simple way to work through Biblical truths by using a medium they all love ~ MUSIC!  In order to help us learn the songs, I made a song notebook to go along with the CD.  I hope many of you who love the music as much as I do will enjoy using these with your kids!

There are 22 songs on this CD, all focused around truths about God and Creation. I made a one page printable with the lyrics and Bible reference…

Questions with Answers Volume 1


I also added quiz cards at the end of the file, in case you want to take it a step further!

Questions with Answers Volume 1 Quiz Cards

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Looking for my Songs for Saplings ABC printables?


Music with a Mission

Songs for Saplings

Years ago I was introduced to Songs for Saplings and their music has been a part of our family ever since!  I developed a series of printables to go along with the ABCs CD, and have used these in our home for years! Songs-for-Saplings-Printable-Pack_thumb

Over time I have kept in touch with this awesome ministry and recently they asked if I’d like to do a 50 cent promo on my blog! Because I love the mission of Songs for Saplings, I immediately said yes and hope many of you are able to benefit from this deal!  If you want to jump straight to the deal, scroll down to see how to get one of their CDs for just 50 cents!  To learn more about their ministry and music, read on!

Songs for Saplings seeks to teach deep Biblical truths to children through fun and lively music that both they and their parents will enjoy.

Every mom who has ever heard her three-year-old sing the theme song from Veggie Tales by heart knows that children have an amazing ability to memorize, especially through music. Songs for Saplings “Questions with Answers” series seeks to capitalize on that God-given ability to memorize by presenting solid Bible truths in quality, fun music.

Each song presents a question and answer about our Christian faith. Each song includes a scripture reference along with its verse number so that children know there is a biblical reason for why the answer given.

This model of learning through song works incredibly well with children of all ages here in the United States. Transfer that same model to an oral-based culture, such as is found in Malawi, and the results are astounding! The first volume of “Questions with Answers” God and Creation has been translated into Chichewa, the native language of Malawi with incredible success.

Malawi is a singing culture. Songs can be heard throughout the streets as mothers work and children play. While basic reading is taught in school, comprehension is often lacking. Through song, however, thousands of children in Malawi have quickly learned about how God created all things, including them. They understand, through the scripture presented in these songs, that they were created to glorify Him. Even more exciting, the Chichewa version of “Questions with Answers” is now being taught in the public school system in Malawi!

There are so many places in the world with a real need for solid, biblical materials for children, and the Lord is presenting many opportunities to use Songs for Saplings in some of those areas. Just this year Songs for Saplings hopes to work on translations into Polish, Ukrainian, Spanish, and Russian. That’s on top of the work already underway in French and Chichewa. You can read more about Songs for Saplings translation efforts here:

When we purchase CDs not only do we get amazing music and Biblical teaching for our own families, we help further the mission of getting the Word all over the world.  The heart behind Songs for Saplings is extremely mission focused, which I just love. The prices are unbelievably reasonable which just proves the mission-mindedness to me.  $5 for a full CD download is almost unheard of these days!  Yet, every CD of theirs can be downloaded on their site here for just $5!

This week only, ALL of my readers can grab a copy of Questions with Answers, Vol. 1: God and Creation for only 50 cents {through 3/24/13}!

Songs for Saplings promo

Here’s how…

To redeem the coupon readers should visit the download page for "Questions with Answers, Vol. 1: God and Creation":

Click "Buy Now"

In the pop-up screen click "Have a discount code?"

Enter code: 1plus1plus1

That should change to price to 50 cents and you can either check out or continue exploring our music site.

Please note: After payment is made through PayPal you will be directed back to the music site to begin the download process. You will need to wait a few seconds while the download is prepared, and then click "Download." After the file loads onto your computer you will need to add it to your music player.

If you have any trouble you can email for help!

Songs for Saplings ABC Bible Verse Printable Pack

Songs for Saplings Printable Pack

Years ago I created ABC Bible Verse Printables to go along with the wonderful Songs for Saplings ABC CD.  These were featured on Totally Tots, for the “In My Heart” feature.  For years I have been wanting to bundle up the printables and edit a few things and I am finally done!  Ladybug is using these verses this year and LOVES them just as much as Krash did. Homeschool-2160

This CD and the verses are just perfect for young tots.  You can buy the CD here on the Songs for Saplings site, or here on Amazon {both same price, $9}.  You can download the songs here on Songs for Saplings, for only $5!  You can even download the first 3 songs for FREE.  Songs for Saplings is a mission first, and they lowered their prices, here’s why!  I have no affiliation with Songs for Saplings, other than the free CD I received years ago when I reviewed it for them. 

There are a few components to the printable pack, here are samples below…

Full Page Printable Display Poster…some of the songs feature just a portion of the verse, which is partly what makes this CD awesome for young tots.  I put the full verse at the bottom of each poster if the song only featured a portion.Songs for Saplings Bible A big

Flashcards {these are what is hooked to our morning board with Velcro}Songs for Saplings A

The printable pack was condensed for easier printing and laminating.  The flashcards are 4 per page like this now…Songs for Saplings Bible cards

Cut and Glue the Verse…again, these were condensed for better printing.  They were also added in for many of the verses.  They are all there now, originally I think I stopped making these somewhere in the middle of the set!Songs for Saplings Bible cut

Coloring…many of these are in a shadow form so the child can “draw” over the image and color it in.  Some kids will love this, others won’t!Songs for Saplings Bible coloring

This Bible Verses A-Z Printable Pack is FREE, I hope you enjoy it!

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