Songs for Saplings ABC Bible Verse Printable Pack

Songs for Saplings Printable Pack

Years ago I created ABC Bible Verse Printables to go along with the wonderful Songs for Saplings ABC CD.  These were featured on Totally Tots, for the “In My Heart” feature.  For years I have been wanting to bundle up the printables and edit a few things and I am finally done!  Ladybug is using these verses this year and LOVES them just as much as Krash did. Homeschool-2160

This CD and the verses are just perfect for young tots.  You can buy the CD here on the Songs for Saplings site, or here on Amazon {both same price, $9}.  You can download the songs here on Songs for Saplings, for only $5!  You can even download the first 3 songs for FREE.  Songs for Saplings is a mission first, and they lowered their prices, here’s why!  I have no affiliation with Songs for Saplings, other than the free CD I received years ago when I reviewed it for them. 

There are a few components to the printable pack, here are samples below…

Full Page Printable Display Poster…some of the songs feature just a portion of the verse, which is partly what makes this CD awesome for young tots.  I put the full verse at the bottom of each poster if the song only featured a portion.Songs for Saplings Bible A big

Flashcards {these are what is hooked to our morning board with Velcro}Songs for Saplings A

The printable pack was condensed for easier printing and laminating.  The flashcards are 4 per page like this now…Songs for Saplings Bible cards

Cut and Glue the Verse…again, these were condensed for better printing.  They were also added in for many of the verses.  They are all there now, originally I think I stopped making these somewhere in the middle of the set!Songs for Saplings Bible cut

Coloring…many of these are in a shadow form so the child can “draw” over the image and color it in.  Some kids will love this, others won’t!Songs for Saplings Bible coloring

This Bible Verses A-Z Printable Pack is FREE, I hope you enjoy it!

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