It’s Here, It’s Here!

For those of you who don’t know, we use Calvert as our grade level curriculum. We use them because we get all of the materials for free since we are with a public cyber charter school. I really like Calvert so far, we used PreK and K with them too and our 1st grade box arrived today! P has been SOOOOO motivated to get this box and begin 1st grade. I love that about homeschool…moving at your child’s pace. If he were in “going school” (as he calls it) he would be in K through the end of this school year. Being at home allows him to move at HIS pace. We unloaded the box this morning and both of us got all excited with what was inside.Then I began browsing through the lesson manual and realized quickly that we’re going to have to buckle down, it’s much different than K! We’re ready for it though, and very excited. Now my goal is to go through the entire Science, and Social Studies books and figure out where our lapbooks are going to fit!!! My planning hours are going to get much longer I can see!