Our School Room

It was time for a change, our current school room layout wasn’t working for us and I couldn’t figure out a new way to arrange and then finally it hit me! Honestly the schoolroom layout (plus the heating cost, since it’s an uninsulated room), was bugging me so badly that we have been doing school upstairs for awhile now.

I am happy to say we are back down in the schoolroom and both P and I love the new layout. The biggest change was moving the table into the middle of the room and keeping nothing on it (permanently at least). Before the table held the computer, and a bunch of filed stuff and was up against the wall. It didn’t provide the space we needed to spread out. P also loves to do any type of art work and this allows him to just go in on his own and be creative!

And in case you’re wondering, this room was done very inexpensively, mostly through Ikea and Target!