Sharing our Homeschool

P had a great “school” day today, as he spent his day with his Nana and Pop Pop (my husband’s parents), who were visiting for the day from NC. They made the 10+ hour drive just to spend 1 day with us and have to leave tomorrow to be at work on Monday. We love them so much and are so thankful they are willing to drive up here to see us!

Instead of normal school (which we usually DO have on Sat because Fri is our day off), P spent his day reviewing many things as he showed them to his grandparents. It was fun to sit back and watch.

First they all made fingerprint pictures together… Then he read for him, which amazed them both, his reading has improved SOOOO much since they last saw him in Dec.
And then he showed them a few of his recent lapbooks. I loved listening to him recall all that he had learned from them. Here he is showing them his Rwanda lapbook and telling him all about Albert, our sponsored child.
It was a great day of school, sure we’re behind a day technically, oh well, that’s the glory of homeschool right? We adjust the lessons and move along on Monday!