Summer Challenge…

This happened yesterday…

He is completing his lesson 80 (1/2 way done) assessments. That was our goal for this spring and now it is time for a break!!! Last summer we filled our summer with Lapbooking since it was brand new to us. This summer we will be completing a few lapbooks, all based around Sea World since we will be traveling to FL in September.
In addition to our summer lapbooking fun, I have created a Summer Challenge for P! The idea came to me while driving yesterday and I immediately got to work and implemented it today. I presented it to him today and he was thrilled.
Imagine how thrilled I was when I walked downstairs and saw this…He is busy drawing (with no prompting from me) 🙂

And here he is recording a book he read on his reading list…

I created a little station for him, so it’s easier for him to find the items he might need for his challenges (worksheets, drawing books, writing paper, etc.)We are recording his points in each category on a spreadsheet, and here is what has him motivated…the prize sheet! I am not into bribery but I do believe in working hard to earn something you’d like to have. Not all of the things are material, but some are. He gets to choose a prize from the list for each 25 points he earns.
Here’s how he earns his points (the sheet on the left):

For each book you read, you get 2 points.
You must write the name of the book on the form.

For each review worksheet you complete you will get 1 point

For each complete story you write (brainstorm, rough draft, final copy), you get 10 points.

For each math review worksheet you do, you get 1 point (per side)

For each Your Big Backyard article you READ, you get 1 point.
You must tell Mom what it was about, so I will know you actually read it.

For each Bible story on your Bible bookmarks (these are from his Bible lapbook) that you find and learn about (by reading and watching your DVD), you get 3 points.
You have to tell me about it to get your points and sticker.

You need to study using your dvd and cd. (you can see the dvd and cd here)
Body Parts and other new categories-1 point for each word correct on a weekly test.
Colors, numbers-you get 1 point if you spell it correctly on the weekly test.

Lapbook Review
For each lapbook you review, the WHOLE thing, you get 1 point.
You must answer my questions to get your point!

Letter Writing
You get 2 points for every letter you write to family/friends in NC.

1 point every time you make your bed nicely.
2 points when you clean the playroom entirely by YOURSELF.
2 points when you clean up the backyard entirely by YOURSELF.

For each drawing you complete from your drawing books (Draw Write Now, Book 1-8 (Draw Write Now)) you get 2 points.

For each journal entry you complete, you get 1 point.

I will let you know how it goes! Today he has 7 points so far. He made his bed (beautifully), cleaned the backyard, read a book, and drew a picture). He has balanced that with much play, a bit of tv, computer, XBox, and outside time. The great news…I am getting started on MY summer challenge…the basement!!