In the Works ~ Backyard Birds Lapbook

We began our Backyard Birds lap/notebook and we’re loving it! I let Pac-Man choose the birds we will study, with only 1 stipulation-he has to have seen one in either our backyard or the backyard of his grandparent’s down in NC (he bird watches a ton down there).

For his first bird, he chose the White Throated Sparrow, which I think is a really cute bird! In the photo below you can see the cover of this section, which has the name and 2 photos I took of this bird in our backyard. He is coloring the bird from this online coloring book of birds.We got the WONDERFUL mini books from Homeschool Share’s great Backyard Birds Lap ~n~ Note. There are tons of resources to use. Be sure to check out Ami’s (the creator of these wonderful minis) post about her son’s backyard birds Lap/Notebook, it’s awesome!We are putting each of his folders like this one together into a 3 ring binder (you can see the wholes punched in this folder). I am learning more than I ever even wanted to know about birds!!!