Tools for Tots ~ Bottle Top Names

I made 2 versions of this tool, the simple hand made version… and the bit more complex computer version…

SIMPLE VERSION ~What you will need…

  • enough of the same type of bottle top (milk, water, juice, prescription bottles, etc.) to make each letter of the name you are using.
  • sentence strips, cardboard, or some other sturdy rectangle to trace the tops onto.
  • Sharpie marker

I am using my mini laminator to laminate mine also but you don’t have to do that. I just traced the bottle tops onto the sentence strip, trimmed the strip to the size of the name, wrote the letters in the circles, and then onto the actual tops.

COMPUTER VERSION ~ What you will need…

  • computer program (I used Microsoft Publisher, which I use for tons of things I make)
  • bottle tops, Sharpie
  • card stock
  • laminator if you have one

In Publisher, I just used the rectangle tool to make the size I wanted, then inserted a photo from my files, sizing it to fit the opening. I used the circle tool to make the size circles I needed (printing out a paper copy to measure against my actual tops), then typed each letter in. I printed them on cardstock, laminated them, and cut them out! All done!

For an older child you could make their first and last name, or make several strips including names of family members. This isn’t just a tool for tots! It could be altered in so many ways. Back when I used to teach K, we had a center called milk top spelling where I would do the same thing as the simple version shown, but use spelling words. The letters they needed were all written on a collection of milk tops.

Here’s one that I am giving for a gift… (shhh Shannon, don’t tell Daniel!!)