Tools for Tots

In my effort to keep my mind off of all things cancer (which we don’t have the final report on quite yet), I have been brainstorming new ideas for homeschooling, mainly for my tot-Krash. The idea hit me today to start a Mr Linky for all of us to share tools for tots that we make ourselves. There are many wonderful Tot School Tools out there to buy but in an effort to save even more money these days I have been searching for more things I can make with minimal money involved.

I am not a very craft oriented mom, more of a Montessori tools type of thinker. One of the blogs I read and love has really helped inspire this idea as I have noticed her change to many home made Montessori type of materials for her young ones. Here is her most recent blog post, filled with many of these wonderful tools for her tots. The tools she shows are very similar to things I used to do with Krash and Pac-Man when he was younger, I have just gotten away from them lately. So simple, so inexpensive, yet so great!

With Christmas approaching I even plan to make these tools to give as gifts to young tots in our extended family as well as to my friends who have tots. I thought we could join together in sharing ideas to make tools for our own tots and also tools for Christmas gifts! I am working on my first tool right now and will get a Mr Linky up when I post it, in case anyone else would like to join in! If this goes well, I will create a non-Christmas colored graphic for after Christmas! 🙂