Sequence ~ States & Capitals

Pac-Man got this awesome game…SEQUENCE States & Capitals, for Christmas from yours truly. I wasn’t sure he would *get it* but he knew the general concept of Sequence, so I figured even if he didn’t get it right away, he could grow into it. Well, there was no growing needed. We played today and he GOT IT! We have never really talked much about capitals, but have done a USA lapbook, so he is familiar with the states. He was able to read most of the capitals on his own and then read the states. We had a great time playing a game he loves and learning states and capitals together (I had forgotten many of them!). I look forward to this being an extremely valuable tool when it comes time for him to really know his states and capitals and highly recommend this game!

Oh and yes, he beat me. We also have Sequence for Kids(which he learned on), and regular Sequence(which we adults love to play). I had no idea they even made the USA version, so when I saw it I was super excited!