Tools for Tots ~ Ping Pong Balls

On a whim a few months ago, I ordered a bulk set of Ping Pong Balls. I had a few ideas for them, so I ordered 144 just to be safe! I got busy making tools for Krash and we are just now starting to use them regularly!!!

I made him an alphabet set, writing each upper case letter, with a black Sharpie, on each ball.

I also made him a color set, coloring circles of each color of Sharpie on each different ball. I also plan to make him a lower case set, and a set with numbers. He knows all of his shapes, but if he didn’t I would do that too!

We use them for all sorts of things, most recently as centers for our egg game! We put colored balls into each egg and every time he dropped the egg he had to come get a new colored ball and name the color! The possibilities are endless with this tool!

Here’s what you need:

Tools for Tots

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