Who is Out There ~ Update

I wanted to update you all about my last post a few days ago. I am completely humbled and overwhelmed by the response I received…over 50 moms replying!!! If I have not replied to you or you don’t hear back from me, please forgive me, I am doing the best I can to keep everyone straight. I honestly was so overwhelmed that I have just taken several days to pray before making any decisions. I am sure there are some of you I accidentally overlooked, and I am so sorry. I did go to each and every blog that was sent in, and tried my best to keep track of who I replied to via email-but I am human and I am sure I missed someone!

Some decisions have been made and those of you they affect already know. I am making a few more decisions tonight and tomorrow. If you don’t hear from me via email in the next few days, you’ll hear from me when the new blog launches, as I will announce it here first!

For those of you who are interested but either haven’t replied yet or haven’t gotten back to me after my initial email reply-there will be many chances to join in and participate once the new blog is up and running. For now, I am closing the emails coming in now so I can just pray over the last few decisions I have to make before it launches.

Again, thank you to all of you who replied to the initial post, I look forward to many of you being a part of this new God-led project in the future, the near future I hope!