In the Works ~ Duck Lapbook

We began our lapbook all about DUCKS today! Pac Man (almost 7 now) loves ducks, especially ducklings, and chose this as his next lapbok. I could not find a complete (free) duck lapbook online so I created one based on this book From Egg to Duck (How Things Grow) for him. We have this book as a part of a entire series we got for around $20, I love snatching up deals like that! **If you’re not a member of LES, you should be, that’s where I got these, and many other GREAT deals).This will be the first lapbook he is more responsible for independently. I have introduced all of the minit books to him, and all of the answers are found in the book, I even slid each minit book in the pages where it has the answers. He will complete this one on his own, learning independently. He was really excited about this! I will share the files and final product when we are done!